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Are you joking...the one game which didn't need multiplayer

For goodness sake...single player games are dying :|

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Yeah if you play on all the games which are separated on different platforms.

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Considering these two loosers get paid a ton of money for their it yourself, cheap gits

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We need one in a way because the story has just become too complicated. If they rebooted it and kept the main series to consoles then we wouldn't have a problem.

I mean they could reboot it but just do a re telling of the story but change things here and there so the story goes a long a little bit more smoothly. When I say reboot it though and change things to make the story outcome different I don't bloody mean like the horrible dmc reboot.

Least the...

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"but then, which Rapture is this? It doesn't seem to be the one we fought through in 2007 and 2010. It could be, but given Elizabeth and Booker's presence it seems like a subtly different place. To some, the idea of there being an infinite variation on Bioshock's world cheapens and dilutes what has been created. There may have an element of truth to that, but it also enables Irrational to play around with Rapture, to see it from a different perspective."


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They had a second chance...they blew it

They've been having chance after chance since they started going down hill after Kinect was announced.

How many chances can you give a company.

dark-hollow you really need to stop being so defensive over the Xbox One. They f***** up, just accept that

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Exactly we have all been burned too many times by them that most of us will know how much they are lying during this conference. Giving us the impression that they still care for us when deep down they don't, that the whole point of this is just so sales don't suck.

I mean how much back tracking have they done with the Xbox close to launch. Even this won't be able to save them. Hell during their E3 conference I was just shaking my head every time they tri...

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At first ?

DoubleHelix have done

Silent Hill Homecoming
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Front Mission Evolved
MX vs. ATV Reflex
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

All of them have been terrible, they've had enough chances to prove they are good but they havent shown that yet and thats because they are a crappy developer.

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I see my friends all the time either at college or work. Why the hell would I want to listen to them go on and on after I come home to rest.

Plus I wouldn't be able to invest in the world they've created because I would be too busy talking to them about some random crap.


When they have an event then just go online for 10 minutes or so. Get the gear, mission, armor etc and then go offline.

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Don't tell me what I'll enjoy, I like my single player experiences and being private I think I'll enjoy the game just as much

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Because like SlantSix they were cheap since they are an awful developer.

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Course they's their story they can do anything they want

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So it's true then what Elizabeth says

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

I always assumed though that Jack was Bookers counterpart and Elizabeth was Tenenbaum since she said some things end up changing by a lot.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a DLC where you play Jack in Columbia

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One little problem though bloody deserved all the hate you got. You consistently seeked out new ways to p*** off the DMC fanbase whether it was being so arrogant about your horrible direction you took the series, the ways you called the old fans, the way you criticized the old combat when yours is worse, not to mention calling the series creator and old Dantes design in general.

"Despite good critical reception"

Don't care what anyo...

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Can they not set it in the UK. London would be amazing for a Fallout game

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The problems with DLC

It's either too early where we could complain it should of be on the retail disc or it comes too late where most of us have sold the game to pay for newer games or we've moved on where we've become bored of it.

There's never any balance

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LOL...with Saints Row 3.5 aka Glorified DLC we were going to release for Saints Row 3 but decided to turn into a full retail game...AND THEN to cover their tracks they decided to announce that the Enter the Dominatrix DLC is still coming which I bet will be very different from what was actually planned since most of the content is in Saints Row 3.5.

They are just squeezing as much money out of us as they can before next gen comes around

I mean it's set in...

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Well you can only go for what you like personally

I'd rather them focus more of the PS4 then the PSV...I'm not saying the PSV dosn't deserve support because it does but Sony is releasing the PS4 this year, I think it's time to focus on that for now. They had their chance with the PSV.

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I doubt they are actually going to be against each other in the film...maybe for a little bit since they might misunderstand each other but I think the real villain will be Lex Luthor.

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Who cares? A lot of people.

It's a hobby we like, some people like myself arn't that good at many things in life but when it comes to media like products like TV, Film and Video Games it's something that clicks. People who do art call themselfs artists, people who are a fan of football with their favorite team go around saying they are <insert team name here> fans so why can't gamers be the same

The thing which bugs me the most is that t...

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