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Let's get this straight:

1. You write a blog type article using fake sales numbers from vgchartz

2. People challenge you to post the actual worldwide sales numbers

3. You fail to do so

4. You fire back with "Another one of those sales obsessed players ehh? " in a discussion about your use of fake sales numbers

5. And then you repost the very same fake vgchartz sales numbers.


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With some 8 million users already using Home in only the first 8 months and massive support from developers and publishers it is cute in a sad and pathetic sort of way to be still trying to trash Home with silly little "how to salvage" articles.

It gives a good indication just how much the massive success of Home terrifies people and compels them to write desperate articles like this one.

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Yep, the PS3 is third fastest selling console in history. Only behind the PS2 and Wii in rate of sales.

Absolutely amazing when you take into account that the PS3 is double the price of those two consoles.

The PS2 launched at 300 dollars.
The Wii at 250.
While the PS3 launched at 600.

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The PS3 has already kicked the 360 into last place in both Japan and Europe. All that is left is the US.

There are two different questions:

1. When will the PS3 pass the worldwide 360 numbers on fanboy sites like that fabricate sales numbers

2. When will the number of unique PS3s sold worldwide pass the number of 360s worldwide.

Number 2 is all game developers and publishers care about. From the way publishers have been reportin...

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"Wtf, the PS3:Slim has PS1 backwards compatibility?"

Not random at all. PS1 compatibility is completely software based. The PS3 just reuses the same software based emulation that the PS2 had. It is essentially free for Sony to include.

The GS graphics chip that is in the PS2 is still so powerful that Sony hasn't been able to completely software emulate it for the 99.5 percent of PS2 titles like they were with PS1 titles on the PS2.

The 60 gig P...

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"like don't both the ps3 phat and the ps3 slim use the same type of hard drive"

Both of them, PS3 and PS3 Slim, can be upgraded with standard off the shelf 2.5-inch SATA notebook harddisk.

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I see two camps in the press.

1. Xbox fans who have been working their way into as many gaming and media outlets so they can post articles like those you listed and hope to change the outcome of the console market by trashing PS3 games in reviews and put as negative spin as possible on every bit of Sony news

2. The more general media who has been wanting 'The Story' to be big bad Microsoft coming into another market and dominating. They've been trying to write that s...

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Gran Turismo PSP is released on October 1st.

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"where exactly do you people get your facts from?"

The fact that the 360 has sold virtually identical numbers of console over a similar period of time as the first Xbox when you add in the massive numbers of replacement consoles bought in hope of finally getting a 360 that doesn't break.

The fact that the sales pattern across the three major console regions, Japan, US, Europe, is almost identical.

But, hey!, it could be one massive coincidence....

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Although this latest CNet article isn't nearly as bad as the previous ones it amazing to see just how amazing Sony is doing with so much of the computing and gaming press not even trying to hide their attempts to damage Sony and the PS3.


All these sites working actively to keep people from buying PS3s and yet the PS3 even with its former very high price has become the third fastest selling console in history only behin...

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The first Xbox went on sale in Nov. 2002. Went out of production in the middle of 2005. 3 1/2 years it was on the market. Fanboy sites like vgchartz have graphs that falsely extend the sales life of the first Xbox to try to make the current Xbox's sales look better in comparison.

Even going with middle of the road estimates of the number of duplicate Xbox 360s that have been sold due to the RRoD hardware failures puts the current Xbox 360 selling at a slower r...

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"I want to hear predictions, how long till blu ray discs start selling more then DvDs?"

You don't need to predict. Blu-Ray is growing in the market faster than DVD was when it replaced VHS.

Go find the crossover point for the DVD vs VHS in old sales data and there is your answer:

Soon than that.

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"dude hits it on the head"

He's right that the PS3 is going to be have crazy sales now at 300 dollars and eventually 200, but he is asking a bad question.

It is a question that assumes something that is a fallacy: That there is some monolithic group called 'consumers' who are making a choice between two similar products.

That is manifestly inane.

Some 105 million gamers bought the first Playstation. Then the Dreamcast came out and ...

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"In 2008 Sony slipped the knife into Toshiba by paying one of its biggest backers, Warner Brothers Studios, a reported $400 million to drop HD DVD in favor of Blu-ray."

At first it looked like this was just another bitter HD-DVD fan crying over the death of his poor choice. But this clown is spreading disgusting lies.

Warner stated in public they would see how sales turned out over the holidays and then pick a single format to support. Not surprisingly with...

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"Sony slipped the knife into Toshiba by paying one of its biggest backers, Warner Brothers Studios, a reported $400 million to drop HD DVD."

That is an absolute and utter lie.

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"Instead, today DVDs still outsell Blu-ray titles by ten to one, and the future belongs to streaming media and video on demand."


Another bitter HD-DVD fan lashes out.

Blu-Ray continues to easily out pace the VHS to DVD transition.

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War? Are you actually serious?

No one is going to care with Sony clearing out the channel of existing models to make way for the PS3 Slim.

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It wasn't a very good game. So I don't think it really matters where they make their next game.

But Sony is the only console maker with 1:1 controls - which is exactly what everyone was hoping for to come out from Nintendo for the Wii exactly for games like Red Steel.

It would be pretty silly to pretend to wave a sword around with nothing in your hand.

I assume Microsoft is cutting the Red Steel devs a big check and Nintendo isn't going to care or try to...

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