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"and it just didn't have much impetus at retail"

Yes, the third fastest selling console in history 'didn't have much impetus at retail'


Yet another idiot from the media doing a damage control article over their previous garbage the tried to pass off as journalism.

After you've spent two years spewing hate and lies, you're now faced with dealing with the reality of the massive success of the PS3 and two choices:


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Nintendo had an OK E3. Mostly just in comparison to the previous year's disaster:

Sony, of course, won with the exclusive megatons FFXIV and Agent unveilings. And the God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 live demos.

Microsoft easily topped the Nintendo 2008 disaster. The fake Metal Gear game that Kojima disowned the very next day and getting caught rigging ...

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"The answer is to keep creating blue oceans once the one you created becomes saturate."

Ignoring Microsoft and just focusing on Nintendo.

Let's keep in mind that Nintendo was selling consoles to an increasingly smaller userbase from the late NES down to the GameCube before the found massive success with the Wii.

They need to demonstrate that success again before they can make any claims of having a winning strategy and not just a one hit wonder...

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"How's Nintendo going to respond to that?"

Let's just compare Nintendo and Microsoft's unveiling of the motion controls:

* Nintendo showed up at E3 with a ready for sale product

* Nintendo had Wiis on the E3 show floor with playable games that anyone attending the show could get their hands on

* Nintendo was ready to ship the new system in six months for the holidays

* Nintendo had a set of launch titles that both game...

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The company is Deutsch LA.

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"Restore Sony? Probably"

How can you restore something that doesn't need restoring?

Sony is currently selling the most successful console of all time, the 140 million selling PS2.

Sony is currently selling the third fastest selling console of all time, the PS3.

Sony has the most successful non-Nintendo portable gaming console of all time, the 50 million selling PSP.

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Mass Effect 2 - PC version with better graphics
Left 4 Dead 2 - PC version with better graphics
Splinter Cell: Conviction - PC version with better graphics
Alan Wake - PC version with better graphics later

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"When Kotaku says PS3 wins....something's afoot"

They're still spitting out their Xbox fanboys spin.

"gamers have a chance to pay the same cash for very similar hardware."

"For $299 a happy gamer can land themselves a PS3 Slim or an Xbox 360 Elite."

Yep. And with your brand new 299 Xbox 360 you can(before it RRoDs):

* Not watch 1080p lossless audio Blu-Ray movies
* Not play online games

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It's not really targeted at the WoW crowd.

I don't think I've heard anyone referring to it as a WoW killer. I too have heard nothing but good to great impressions from people who've played it.

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"When i am in a race, i am never scared of someone who's fading away in the distance behind me.

Thats how MS feels about Sony."

Perhaps they should stop running backwards in the console race?

They're now in last place in Japan and Europe.

Only one more region to go for Sony...

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Ratchet and Clank
Demon's Souls
Uncharted 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
GT 5 - I assume December

Persona PSP

just off the top of my head I'll be buying over the next few months. And of course all the PSN games too.

Would love to see a King's Field 1/2 remake with the Demon's Souls engine.

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"Let me assure you, with the learning curve on the PS3 and how NG mastered it in a few years, given the 360 they will be able to do the same.... "


Four years of developers working on the 360 hardware.

All the silly and stupid claims about how 'teh PS3 is hard teh program' and not a single developer has gotten anything even close to the first Uncharted's graphics running on the 360.

But, some guy on the Net sez 'trust him' he k...

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"All of 360 games compare to uncharted 2, make them look like they are not even in the same Gen compare to Uncharted 2."

We really do have three different console graphics generations going on.

Wii-level level graphics
Xbox 360 level graphics

and beyond all that PS3 level graphics

Three main reasons:

1. Blu-Ray is the obvious one and easiest to understand.

25/50 gigs per PS3 Blu-Ray disc vs 3.5/7 gig...

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"version of its struggling PlayStation 3 games console"


The third fastest selling console in history. The author's problem isn't optimism, it's delusion.

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The only way I would ever replace my beloved launch 60 gig is if Sony now took the updated Slim hardware and came out with a new high end PS3:

Same smaller, lower power, and even quieter Slim hardware
120 gig or 300 gig or some big drive
Full hardware BC for PS2 games
USB ports on the front
At least a couple USB ports on the back.
Maybe even something like a second drive bay.

And a flat top so you can set games and controllers easily on ...

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Microsoft has pretty much thrown in the towel for competing with Sony. So the article really is making an assumption that isn't true.

Microsoft is now trying to copy what Nintendo did with the Wii:

Recycle old hardware.
Bolt on motion controls to old hardware.
Target lower cost non-gamers.

If Microsoft was going to try to take on Sony they would instead be:

Bringing a new desperately needed upgrade to the belegared 360 hardware. ...

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"if you think that. Insomniac makes good games"

And right there is why this discussion will go nowhere and just attracts the fanboys who feel the need to jump in defense or support of the developers who put out games they personally like.

When you are discussing the top console development studios what games you personally like are irrelevant. Suggesting that that is the criteria you are using in your indignant replies makes it clear you have nothing of val...

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If the Wii ever manages to actually outsell previous gens and expand the market it will be able to make that claim.

The PS1 and then PS2 are the two console the created the modern console market.

PS1 blew the market wide open selling an incredible 105 million consoles

And the the PS2 vastly expanded it with 140 million sales worldwide.

So far Nintendo and the Wii isn't even up to the original NES installed base of 60 million or so.

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The 360 already is in last place in:

1. Japan - check
2. US - not yet
3. Europe check

The US is the only region where the 360 isn't in last place.

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They are working on the PS3 version. They stated 3rd quarter was when they were aiming for. So it should be fairly soon.

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