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"The changes that From Software made to the traditional JRPG formula with Demon's Souls are astounding."

Whoever wrote something that idiotic has no business doing reviews.

Demon's Souls comes from the EXACT same company that made the incredible King's Field games that this game is a spiritual successor to.

Give the game 1/10 or 10/10, but you sure as hell better know what the hell you are talking about before you put your opinion down in writi...

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"I knew this will happen"

I didn't. It sounded to me like something they weren't going to do until much later.

Hopefully original Japanese voice + English subs will be an option.

Home space, stuff for you avatars
Re-release of the original two games in a single pack like the MGS Essentials Pack.
Lots of hype on the PS Blog
And of course a localized version of the demo

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"due to its non canonical arch"


The PS3 is almost identical to the biggest selling console in history, the 140 million selling PS2.

A PS2 engine and PS3 engine are written in almost identical ways:

On the PS2 execution starts up on the EE.
On the PS3 execution starts up on the PPU.

Tasks are spawned off to the VUs on the PS2 - lighting, vertex transforms, animation, etc.

On the PS3 those tasks a...

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1 million worldwide. Not just Japan.

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It looks like another week until the Wii price cut. Shouldn't be the same situation with the PS3 where production was stopped and stores had almost no PS3s to sell for a couple weeks.

So the Wii most likely will get a nice bounce in two weeks. And then take a couple more weeks to settle in before we find out where the PS3 and Wii end up in normal sales weeks.


1 million PS3s in a month doesn't sound out of the question. Sony has already sold 207k PS...

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If there was no other PS3 remakes this gen than Ico and SotC I would be content.

They have the insane Last Guardian engine that should work well with the two games.

Both games on a single Blu-Ray
As many extras as they can stuff onto the giant disc in addition to the games
Big fancy collectors edition type box

Pick a price and I'll have my credit card ready.

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"i really want to play this."

Me too. Just bought Yakuza 2 for 20 bucks a few weeks ago and love it. I would love to see 3 & 4 come here. I can certainly see Sega's hesitation with the previous sales of the games in the US.

Forget about English voice actors. Just subtitles and translate the menus and any bugfixes. Add in some extra content and ship it.

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Just look at the definition of 'pefect game' from


perfect game - 3 dictionary results

perfect game

1. a baseball game in which the same player pitches throughout the full game without allowing any player of the opposing team to reach first base by a base hit, base on balls, error, or any other means. Compa...

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"And yes, I do believe Agent will be on the 360 and it's just going to be a timed exclusive at best."


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"it may be just what Sony needs"

Yes, Sony definitely NEEDS a fresh start from:

* The third fastest selling console in history - only behind the PS2 and Wii which sold for half the price

* Already having dumped the 360 into last place in Japan

* Already having dumped the 360 into last placer in Europe - even with a year and a half earlier launch

Another stupid article from another dope in the gaming media trying to rew...

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Sony sold 10 million PS3s worldwide in 2008 at 400 dollars.

There doesn't need to be any 'big news'. The 299 Slim will bring the PS3 to 13 million worldwide for 2009 with ease.

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"but I would pick modern warefare 2 over Killzone 2."

That is hilarious!

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"It's amazing how far PS3 has come sine it's launch. There weren't many games"

Wow, that's like every console ever made.

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Awesome. This amazing game deserves the glowing reviews.

If there was one major PS3 exclusive in 2009 that I was certain was going to get poor quality reviews, it was Demon's Souls. I thought for sure we'd have reviewers crying about how challenging the game is and just slapping the standard 7 or 8/10 score on the game.

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I'm not if any other RPG has filled me with those feelings like the King's Field games.

Not saying they were the best or better than other RPGs. They were kind of slow and I can see how they wouldn't appeal to everyone. But I can still remember sitting in front of my Playstation and the dreamlike feeling of wandering through the King's Field games.

I'm really glad that DS is getting the reviews it deserves. I was real...

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This game really is incredible.

It is from the same company, From Software, who made the awesome King's Field games back in the PS1 days:

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Although I can't wait till this game gets released, I do think they screwed up with the art style for the characters. Not the style to attract the Nintendo/Little Big Planet crowd. The characters are borderline creepy looking.

Both the name "ModNation" and characters seem to be targeted at young boys. Perhaps unintentionally.

I think they really missed an opportunity to really hit a mass audience with this game like Little Big Planet and its Sackboys.

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All of the R&C games are pretty quick to just play through.

Insomniac strikes a nice balance. People who just want to play a gorgeous and wacky space adventure can play through straight to the end without serious trouble. True fans have tons of content to work through like earning Skill Points, weapon upgrades, various unlocks, etc. that can keep you going back to playing the game for months or even years later trying to do/get everything.

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Wow, that was random and completely awesome.

Thanks. Got mine.

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I really didn't understand why people always talked so highly of The Show. Just thought is was another sports game, just with PS3 level graphics.

I decided to try the demo just to finally see what people were talking about. I was absolutely blown away by how good the game is. It was really quite a shock at what a good time I had. I don't play sports games and the last one I played had to be back in the Genesis days.

Even though I don't see myself playing The Show ver...

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