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A point by point breakdown using actual screen captures of Uncharted 1 humiliating Gears of War:


Mind boggling that Gears of War is the best the Xbox 360 can do and yet it is still destroyed by the first Uncharted.

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"I dont understand what the big deal is?"

Nintendo showed up at their first E3 with their Wiimote and real demos of games that were shipping quality. They then let everyone who was willing to stand in line play those very same games right there on the E3 show floor.

Complete and utter confidence in their product.


Two straight E3s getting caught faking Kinetic demos by gamers and the press because they wer...

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Right from the article:

"A coherent consumer strategy that could involve paring back investments and/or divesting more peripheral assets such as gaming."

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They've already wasted 7-8 billion on the 8 year long Xbox fiasco.

The execs in Redmond have had enough. Microsoft is blowing billions on their failed search engine and online services. Time to throw in the towel on 8 year long Xbox train wreck. Wall Street would love to see them both go. Insane to think how well Microsoft would be doing financially if they didn't have the twin boat anchors of Xbox and Search dragging the company down.

Microsoft has r...

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"It was common knowlwedge"

LOL! Wait you're saying a bunch of dimwitted Xbots parroted a bunch of desktop PC based graphics hardware terms and made inane claims about the relative graphical power of their console?

Wow, sounds just like this gen...

This is why console developers despise Microsoft. Just because Microsoft was stupid enough to throw a bunch of expensive desktop PC graphics parts in a big ugly box, now every stupid l...

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The GameCube,PS2,and Xbox all were almost identical in real world power last gen. All three cranked out games in 15-20 million polys per sec for leading games. Each console last gen had games that were doing things the other two console weren't: 60fps Metroid Prime on the GameCube, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Gran Turismo on the PS2, and so on.

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"Your post is ridiculous."


How many 360s do you think are sitting on store shelves worldwide?

How many 360s do you think are sitting in warehouses worldwide?

How many 360s do you think are being shipped to various companies worldwide?

My god dude, did you actually just try to claim there isn't a mulit-million unit difference between 'sold to customer' and 'sold to retailer' ...

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LOL! @xAlmostPro

How dumb do you have to be to try spread a lie that is the exact opposite of reality.

Sony and Nintendo both report actual sales to consumers.

Microsoft is the only company that lies by pretending their shipped to retailer numbers are actual sales.

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The 360 is in last place in 2 out of the 3 major console regions(Japan and Europe) and it is soon to be dumped into last place in worldwide installed base by Sony and the PS3.

Yeah, 'unstoppable'...LOL!

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The PS3 doing PS2 range numbers is not hard to imagine.

Sony just stated they will most likely hit their 15 million worldwide sales for 2010. That is 15 million while the PS3 is still 300 dollars.

Doing 20 million a year when the PS3 drops to 200 dollars and then to 150 is more than plausible. Even if the PS3 only is sold for another 5 years it will reach the low 100-20 million range.

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"Problem is those 38 million PS3 sold (38.1 to be precise) are the shipped figures as of june 30,"

That is not correct. Sony only reports sold to customer numbers. Not shipped like Microsoft does.

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The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history.

Yeah, dimwit, what a 'mistake'. LOL!

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3900d ago

You can just see the bitter fanboy tears this little punk had writing this garbage.

Sony and the PS3:

Third fastest selling console in history

Double the price of the previous two fastest selling consoles, the PS2 and Wii

Destroyed Microsoft and Toshiba's junk HD-DVD format and established
Blu-Ray as the standard next gen movie format

Dumped Microsoft into last place in two out of the three major...

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"hey're turning their backs on the 40 million+ gamers who bought their defective hardware and trying to win over a crowd that doesn't want them."


Maybe 20 million with the 50-60 percent failure rate of the 360.

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Over 15 million gamers in Home.

No one cares what your 'reasoning' was.

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Way to make yourself look like an idiot.

Killzone 2 E3 trailer vs realtime:


Even more amazing is the actual game looks even better than the original "impossible CGI level graphics" that all the PC and Xbox fans claimed would never be possible this gen.

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"but when a 1 week the 360 outsell ps3"

Uh, no.

vgchartz is a site run by a 20 something year old Xbox fan who sits at home and types fake numbers into his computer and uploads them to his crappy little website.

vgchartz was started after the kid was repeatedly caught posting fake sales numbers on the neogaf forums. He eventually got perma-banned from the forums over his idiotic attempts at making Xbox 360 sales look better than the...

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After five years of making up his idiotic fake sales numbers, the little 20 year old Xbox fan who runs vgchartz still thinks that by typing out random numbers to a single digit of precision he is making his fanboy garbage look 'real'.

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Oh god shut up.

No one but diehard Xbox fans still cling to vgchartz fake sales numbers.

There is no 'flip flopping' retard.

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