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Epic perfectly describes everything we've seen from this game.

Every time I see the latest amazing God of War 3 images or footage I think back to seeing the first God of War sitting on the store shelves and going "hm, that looks kind of interesting" having completely missed every bit of news and previews about the game.

I still laugh thinking about driving home with my copy wondering "gee, wonder if this going to be any good..."

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It is yet to be seen what the drop in Wii sales really means.

If you want to really show you have a fundamental understanding of the console market and why things sell, now is the time to step up to the plate say what is going to happen with the first Wii price cut:

1. Everyone in the world has played the Wii at a friend's or relative's house and had their fill. They are buying 1080p TVs that are now relatively cheap and moved on. They don't necessarily dislike the W...

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Here is Sony's Free Realms:

This might be the model they are going to implement - click on What is Free Realms?

You have half the classes and quests are free. The other half you pay a 5 dollar a month fee to access.

BTW, Free Realms, though targeted at kids, is incredibly fun. Sony did an amazing job with the game. You don't have to download some 10 gig installe...

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This is the way to do online right:

PSN - free for everyone. You never have to worry about subscriptions or if your friends are currently subscribing. Premium content costs money but nothing that stops you from using the basic service.

Home - free fro everyone. Premium content costs money, but it never stops you from accessing all the areas of Home.

Free Realms - free for everyone. There is half the game that you can access to if you pay a monthly fee, b...

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One just has to look at the massive success Free Realms has turned out to be for Sony to see that they see this as a winning business model.

Last I checked Free Realms was up to 5 or 6 million players and growing fast.

"is this cross platform with the pc"

From the article:

"As impressive as no subscription fee’s is, open platform servers is equally as impressive. To be able to play with or against people on either PC or PS3 co...

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It is because Sony stopped production of the existing PS3 models in preparation for the Slim. So there were about 2-3 weeks where stores weren't getting any new PS3 models. The last week there were almost no PS3s left to sell. Then the Slim arrived at the stores.

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A PS2 engine and PS3 engine are written in almost identical ways:

On the PS2 execution starts up on the EE.
On the PS3 execution starts up on the PPU.

Tasks are spawned off to the VUs on the PS2 - lighting, vertex transforms, animation, etc.

On the PS3 those tasks are spawned off to the SPUs.

Main game code runs on the EE on the PS2 while the VUs work in parallel.

On the PS3 it is the PPU and SPUs that are running parallel...

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" then why do multi platform games 90% of the time look better on the 360?"

I know, just ask any 360 fan and they'll give you an honest answer!


'teh multiplats look better!' I guess is all you are left with when your console is getting humiliated so utterly by the PS3.

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No one shows kids on a tour engine code.

You don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Keep in mind there are people here who work on actual PS3 hardware before you start spouting BS again.


So, like everyone already knew. You don't have a damn clue about PS3 programming, let alone how it compares to other consoles.

Here's a tip Einstein, make sure the next time you try to spout BS about crap you know nothing about that ...

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"The PS3's not hard! It is just new!"

I don't know how you can possible so completely wrong.

The PS3 is the EXACT same architecture as the PS2:

PS2 -> PS3
EE -> Cell
VUs -> SPEs
EE core -> PPU

Engines are written almost exactly the same way. It shouldn't be surprising since it was the genius of Ken Kutagari who designed them both.

No one who isn't just some directx/pc ga...

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8.8 is laughably low. This is the masterpiece rpg fans have been waiting for.

This game is so satisfying. It's challenging, not hard. It gives you that sense of accomplishment making your way through the game.

The people who have been raving about in Japan and who have imported it have universally praised this game as being one of their all time favorites.

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What a sad and pathetic effort.

Can anyone here remember the last time they saw a hardcore Nintendo fan be so absolutely pathetic to pretend to review Playstation hardware?

Can anyone here remember the last time they saw a hardcore Sony fan be so absolutely pathetic to pretend to review Nintendo hardware?

There is a basic sense of class and respect Sony and Nintendo fans have for each other as gamers.

Sony fans are perfectly content to let N...

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"ever since the price cut, every sony fan that hasn't cared about sales since last year when the 360 had a price drop,"


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39,999 a week.

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"Syphon filter isnt FPS, altought I wish they make one for ps3"

Bend is working on a new PS3 title that everyone assumes is a new Syphon Filter:


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Why are you asking for something that works now and has worked for a very long time?

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"SEGA announced today "Challenges from Team Edy" DLC will be released in "early 2010."

Most likely on another 4 months or so.

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Yes, one just has to take a look at the Amazon PS2 section and see the stream of brand new PS2 titles continuing to come out. The PS2 has now been available for almost 9 years.

That means that developers have been able to leverage their existing PS2 technology across a huge number of titles.

A console developer looks at a console/console gen and sees this formula for how much money they will make:

Initial engine/tech design for a new platform + Developme...

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“I really understand that lots of people are interested in GT5, and we will do everything we can so that the game is released quickly. But we are focusing our priorities and Gran Turismo will come out on the PSP the 1st of october first. The only thing I want to tell you today, is that GT5 will be released shortly after this date.“

I c...

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The fake vgchartz number is nothing more than the lowest number they could come up with and still try to be believable.

Standard operating procedure for that garbage site.

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