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Kind of hard for a handheld that has sold some 51+ million worldwide to have a 'renaissance'.

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Yes. I didn't mind the game didn't have a single player campaign. There is so much to do and learn just in MP that it was more than enough just by itself. MP + single player tutorial would be just fine for me. Of course, wouldn't complain if it has a full single player campaign.

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Tempting to hop on PSN and grab Warhawk. Confess I never did play Warhawk before the PS3 version.

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Those were just the games that came to mind first.

I would love to see FFXII redone, but it is scary to think just how badly Square would botch it going by everything they've done this gen.

DQ VIII looks gorgeous still.

I'm actually playing the first Dark Cloud today. The crappy graphics and art style give it a certain charm that I think would be lost in a remake.

"Yukuza Collection"

Yakuza remakes + Yakuza 3 + 4 would...

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Shadow of the Colossus
plus possible demo for The Last Guardian

Ratchet and Clank

Jak and Daxter

MGS 1-3

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That article was far too generous to the Xbox 360.

Back in 2006 both Nintendo and Sony switched to reporting actual 'sold to customer' numbers.

Microsoft is the only console maker that still uses 'shipped to retailer' numbers.

That means that Microsoft's 'sales' numbers are inflated by some 1-1.5 million because they include all the Xbox 360s sitting on store shelves, in warehouses, and being shipped from the manufacturers in the numbers.


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"Infinity Ward has fantastic programmers."

Ha! The clowns IW can't even get their games to run at 720p!

Yeah 'fantastic'...

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IdleLeeSiuLung that was a hilariously pathetic bit of fanboyism.


What has it been now that you Xbox and PC clowns keep hoping spouting that BS is accomplishing anything. 8 years?

Love it!

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4205d ago


Shut the hell up.

Keep your idiotic fanboy BS to yourself.

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Not even a bump.

1. It's not a price drop for the 360. It's just a drive upgrade, color change, and loss of the HDMI cable

2. The Slim is targeted at the 140 million PS2 owners out there who haven't upgraded to a PS3 yet and who the slight change in the 360 SKU is irrelevant.

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I just picked up a copy of Yukuza 2 a couple days ago for 20 bucks to play on my 60 gig.

I now see why everyone wants US versions of the PS3 games here.

There is definitely Japanese cultural elements that seem somewhat foreign and unfamiliar. But nothing that would keep these fantastic games from selling over here with even a modest amount of marketing.

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"It is mind boggling how much more Sony is able to sell at 299"

It's worse than that. It's 299 for the PS3 Slim.

It's 299 for ever. 10 years from now it will still be 299.

The 360 is 299 + 50 dollars just for the first year to be given the privelege by Microsoft to play games online.

After five years the 360 ends up costing you:

299 + 5 * 50 dollars = 549 dollars.

Add in WiFi and you will have paid 649 dol...

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Almost 7 billion in losses for Microsoft on the eight year long Xbox train wreck.

It's actually worse, because Microsoft has other profitable products mixed in with the Xbox division that offset the billions in losses racked up so far.

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It wasn't even low supplies.

There were actually no supplies at all of PS3s. Sony has stopped production of the old models. So stores had nothing but existing stock of old models to sell.

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Fastest selling consoles(non-handheld) of all time:

1. PS2
2. Wii
3. PS3

Sorry for the dose of of Reality.

Edit: Actually Wii may be faster than the PS2. Not that it matters for this discussion.

Edit 2: Even more amazing for Sony and the PS3.

The PS3 cost at launch double the two fastest selling consoles. The PS2 launched at 300 dollars. The Wii at 250, obviously.

Not only that but when comparing to the ...

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"It's like any premium service."

You have to be joking!

A 'premium' online service that doesn't offer the most basic online gaming feature?

No dedicated servers == FAIL

You couldn't pay PC and PS3 gamers to put up with Microsoft's crappy P2P online gaming. Let alone actually pay for it.

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Not that everyone already doesn't know...

Existing PS3 shipments were halted to clear out the retail channel for the new PS3 Slim model.

But everyone knew that. Even IGN.

I guess this is how far you need to go to find positive Xbox news these days...

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