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"With the battle for market supremacy heating up, will Gran Turusmo 5 propel the PlayStation 3 past the Xbobx 360?"


The Xbox 360 already is in last place worldwide in sales.

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Do we laugh or cry at what has become of console gaming?

The Sony/Playstation haters are running around screaming like a nuclear bomb is just about to be dropped on them and they are frantically flailing around screaming and yelling hoping it will go away.

Back before Microsoft made their entry into the console market garbage like these headlines never existed. There was hype. Massive hype for major platform exclusives. But Nintendo fans, Sega fans, and Plays...

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The 'idea of controller free gaming'?

Huh? The reality of controller free gaming has been around for 7 years now with the PS2 EyeToy.

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"Not the best coverage in IMO. Now I remember why I stopped following GameSpot. "

You don't consider GameSpot having their retarded Forza fanboy desperately try to trash GT5 good coverage?

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"Why do people act like Sony invented everything? Do your inner thighs get chafed from riding non-stop?"

Microsoft rips off of 10 year old Sony Eye Toy motion control tech and that's the best damage control you can come up with?

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>There is no way the PS3 could ever reach PS2 numbers. This generation is close to over and it's still struggling to over take new comer MS. Blind brand loyalty can only paint over so much of reality before the light starts coming through.


42 million PS3s sold already, six to seven more years of sales and the PS3 hasn't even hit 200 dollars yet - the price where the PS2 exploded to 20-25 million consoles a year.

God I ...

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Yep, just like top selling cellphone in Japan, the iPhone, is made by a Japanese company.

Oh wait, it's made by a US company...

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The 360 already is in last place in worldwide installed base.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that it has the worst attach rate. If there were games worth buying for the system to up the attach rate it wouldn't be in last place.

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Xbox 360:

Last place in attach rate
Last place in worldwide sales
Last place in worldwide installed base
Last place in first party studios
Last place in number of exclusives
Distant last place in reliability
Distant last place in graphical power of HD consoles

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"Last time i checked PS3 is still in last place"

Let me guess...

You checked the fake sales numbers on vgchartz...


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"in europe maybe, in america it'll have all the impact of a wet noodle."


GT Sales Totals Worldwide And Regional:

GT 3 did 7.1 million in the US alone
GT 4 did 3 million in the US alone

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If by 'correct' you mean 'wrong', then yes.

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"When he isn't making outlandishly ridiculous statements that end up being wrong, he makes captain obvious statements. It's the only way that he can claim to be right sometimes"


Patcher == 50 percent FAIL,50 percent Duh

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The 360 is already in last place in worldwide installed base.

The Kinect bundles are always in stock. No one other than existing Xbox owners are buying Microsoft's Eye Toy clone.

Kinect isn't going to do anything to get Microsoft out of last place this gen.

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God I love it!

GG made fools of all the idiots like Oner babbling about 'teh lag' and they still don't know it! Hilarious!

After all the Xbox fanboys and Call of Duty retards who can't hit anything without massive amounts of auto-aim their kiddie fps have started crying their eyes out about 'teh controls' because they were getting destroyed by hardcore Killzone 2 players, they released a fake patch that did nothing to the controls.

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BARF, give the lies a rest.

I was in the beta, played every night, read every Killzone forum.

Not a single mention of this lie about 'lag'. Ever.

It wasn't until after the game was released and some pathetic Xbox fanboy reviewer started the lie and all the Xbox fanboys and Call of Duty retards used to their kiddie/arcade fps games starting joining in because they got their asses handed to them by serious when they played Killzone...

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"Notorious lag in kz2?"

It was the final bit of lies the Xbox fans in the press were able to come up to try to smear the game.

They first tried to smear the game by editing Jack Tretton talking about Resistance over the original Killzone 2 E3 trailer so they could claim "Sony lies about Killzone 2!"

Then Sony showed off realtime Killzone 2 footage that surpassed the claimed 'impossible CGI level graphics"

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2010 Year on Year Fake Sales and Fake Market Share Update to November 6th

Fix the title.

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How much it must suck to be stuck with a console with graphics hardware so poorly designed and weak that all you have to brag about is making the inane claim about 'teh multiplats'...

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"same with Uncharted 2, and any big PS3 exclusive, gets shat on all the time by media

I have NO idea why =|"

It didn't use to be like this back before Microsoft entered the console market.

Every console maker had powerful and amazing first party developers that made incredible games that took advantage of their system's unique and amazing abilities.

Microsoft has pretty much shutdown almost all of their firs...

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