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The PS3's Broadband Engine utterly annihilates everything of any price in desktop/x86 land.


That is why Intel tried to rush their poorly engineered Cell type architecture(Larrabee) into production. And it is why their is such a push to offload as much computation off the wimpy x86 chips in PCs to GPUs.

It is going to be a long time before any desktop PC can touch the PS3 in raw power for animation, lighting, physics, etc.

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Even with laggy P2P I'm sure it will be another AAA game just like the first one. Just look at the amazing reviews it got:

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"Seriously cross game chat is holding back the the PS3/PSN"


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Sony has long since dumped Microsoft and the 360 into last place into 2 out of the three major markets: Japan and Europe.

Even the only major market the 360 isn't in last place:

* Rushed a cheaply designed and built console out a year before this gen started

* Selling millions and millions of duplicate/replacement 360s - "these new ones don't RRoD - honestly!"

* Between 100 and 2...

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Yep. What is it up to now? 55-60 million worldwide?

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"uniquely challenging hardware"


A perfect example of why many gamers and the gaming media is still having trouble dealing with the massive graphical power advantage the PSs3 has this gen. A graphical power advantage larger than ever before in the history of the console market.

Back before the Xbox where Microsoft tried to throw a bunch of expensive desktop x86 PC parts into a big ugly black box and pass it off as a console, PC game d...

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That's about 1200 dollars worth of PS3 exclusives alone listed there.

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Really captured why gamers are so in love with this masterpiece.

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"Yeah, at least definitely for PS3 development. Lets see how much crappy rushed development gets a pass. We're still in the days of a PS3 game dropping to 59FPS is considered unplayable and a flop to reviewers while other games get, "It's a flawed game's fun! A flawed gem! 11/10!". "

Yes. One just has to look at the infamous Dan Hsu Gears of War 'review':

"We contacted Sony's Jeff Rubenstein about the rumor, who replied "The release date remains Fall 2009." So consider this rumor completely smashed, as expected."

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Amazon shows the same release date as before:

"This item will be released on November 10, 2009."

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It all started with the Dreamcast.

Before the Dreamcast the console world was a happy place. Atari fans played Atari games. Sega fans played Sega games. Nintendo fans played Nintendo games. Fans of a console only reviewed games for that console. And there was a general feeling of everyone is a gamer at the end of the day. Fans of one console weren't so pathetic and desperate to get themselves hired at some gaming publication so they could trash the games of another console in hop...

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"the ps3 is getting too many awesome games"

It really is crazy. And it is the ever present irony that pervades this gen. I just added up the games I have on order between now and Decembers and it comes to over 350 dollars. And that is all PS3 exclusives. Even more with PSP games. And of course whatever cool PSN games come out.

And then 2010 starts with God of War 3, GT5, Mod Nation Racers, White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, Last Guardian.

But o...

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The link didn't get posted for some reason:

is where this quote from Sony comes from:

and he had also referred to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) method of calculating its own install base.

"We count installed base differently to (SCEE). We count the number of units in the hands of consumers.&qu...

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Sony and Nintendo only report actual sales to consumers numbers.

Microsoft is the only one who still lies about sales by using shipped to retailer numbers.

Both Sony and Nintendo made an announcement in 2006 that fact. Sony just reiterated that fact when they announced they had kicked Microsoft into last place in Europe a month or two ago.

This is directly from Sony:

"We said we'd asked SCEE exactly how it did calculate its sales - and ...

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Heh, yeah sure. Home as of a couple of months ago was already up to over 8 million users. 5 million people played the ARG Xi alone. Massive amounts content is flowing in from both Sony and major third party publishes and developers.

The servers are jam packed 24/7 like it is one gigantic online gamer party.

Gamers are:

* Playing games together

* Hanging out with friends

* Meeting new friends

* ...

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Wow, the bottom half of those reviews are just embarrassing to read.

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"They are 8 million units behind the 360."


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Folklore absolutely nailed the motion controls.

Basic gameplay use standard dualshock style controls with option finishing move adding a nice touch with the controller snap.

And then the various motion controls events for the bosses were frantic but spread apart enough to not be too much.

I would love to see a rerelease with Trophies and a cheaper price. Too many people missed out on such a wonderful game. One of my favorite game stories ever. And absolu...

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Sony has stated there aren't going to be any more major updates to the firmware in 2009.

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