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vgchartz doesn't 'track' anything. It's just some kid who makes up numbers and then uploads them to his silly little website.

The site was started by a little kid Xbox fan who use to post fake sales numbers on neogaf. He did such a bad job of trying to make 360 sales look higher than they actually were he got banned for life from the site.

He then ran off to create his own website so he could post his fake sales numbers without anyone stopping...

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The Wii most likely on has another year or so before Nintendo comes out with something new. Nintendo has never supported a past gen console after they have moved on to new hardware.

The PS3 has another 6 years, possibly 7 or even 8. The PS2 is in its 10th year and is selling at about 6 million a year in 2010.

With a price drop to 200 dollars and then sales for another 6 to 8 years the PS3 will outsell the Wii by tens of millions by the end of its life.

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"highest rated HD exclusives:

uncharted 2 metacritic 96
little big planet metacritic 95
MGS4 metacritic 94
halo 3 metacritic 94"

I can't remember, which one of those four gave out 800 dollar 'gift bags' to reviewers...

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"We have all witnessed the fall of a giant."

The PS3 has around 7 more years of sales.

PS3 installed base is 42 million now. To reach PS2 range installed base numbers the PS3 only needs to sell 15 million a year. The PS3 is currently still 300 dollars, the launch price of the PS2, and it is on track to sell 15 million for Sony's fiscal year.

The PS2 is now ten years old and it is almost outselling Microsoft's Xbox 360 with s...

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Just look at the behavior of Microsoft themselves:

MS Employee Trolling GT5 Thread At NeoGaf

And then there was an actual Turn 10/Microsoft employee, chespace, who would incessantly troll every single GT5 thread on neogaf and did such a bad job at hiding it he managed to get a tag making fun at his pathetic a...

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"Kinect will sell thx to the ridiculous M$ campaign"

So far Kinect:

* Couldn't sell out at its own launch party. Only were able to sell 2/3rds of their units

* Is available in stores everywhere

* Microsoft's has been completely silent. They usually have press releases proclaiming 'amazing sales' if there is even the remotest thing to brag about.

* Online stores are reporting Microsof...

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"but they really did hype Halo:Reach this year"

That was then. Now what does Microsoft have left to hype?

"And well, I think 360 has one last thing left - Gears of War III."

But that is over a year away.

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"The sales gap will take at least another year to close."

A year? You have to be joking.

The PS3 is only 500k or so behind the 360 in world wide sales now. And it sold over 2 million more consoles worldwide in the last quarter alone.

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Bragging rights? More like Karma's a Bitch.

Microsoft/Xbox fans on beyond3d and other PC game/graphics sites spewed endless lies and BS about the relative power of the PS3 and 360. Now after four years of PS3 games destroying anything on the 360 with Uncharted,Killzone 2,Uncharted 2,Killzone 3,GT 5, etc.

You're damn right PS3 fans are going to rub Xbox fan's faces in every mind boggling new PS3 exclusive.

Xbox fans latched onto HD...

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"I Cannot find the archived article that proves it but this article straight from this sites beloved vgchartz that was written august 22nd of 2007 states that microsoft and sony consider shipped as sold.."


You actually just quoted vgchartz?


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"Actually it was in 2008 that sony and nintendo switched methods of tracking"

No, it was 2006.

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 every year worldwide since it was released and is the third fastest selling console in history. Only the PS2 and Wii have sold at a faster rate.

"comeback kid"


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Crytek isn't going to magically make the Xbox 360 graphics hardware as capable as the massively more powerful PS3.


"Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 wasn't impressive as Uncharted 2, GOW or Killzone was. Hell, I even thought Gears looked better. "


Developers still can't even come up with an Xbox 360 game that comes close to the first Uncharted on the PS3:

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"Cause VGChart has the sales at 44Miilion and that site is suppose to count total sales from retailers to customers right?"

What? Vgchartz is just some little kid who is an Xbox fan's website? He just makes up numbers and posts them to his crappy little site.

He makes up Xbox 360 numbers that are as high as he thinks he can get away with.

He makes up PS3 numbers that are as low as he thinks he can get away with.


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Try harder...

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"ps3 and xbox 360 neck and neck."

Horray! The PS3 and 360 are neck and neck in the 'fake and made up sales numbers race!"

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And by "His woldwide numbers" you mean:

"the numbers the 20 year old Xbox fan that runs the joke that is vgchartz typed into his computer"

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"Microsoft changed the idea of motion control to not needing a controller which is innovative. "


You didn't bother to think just how ridiculous you sound when Kinetic is nothing more than a clone of old Sony PS2 era Eye Toy 'OMG!!! no controller' style motion controls?

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The only thing that should be abandoned is fake sales sites.

How is it possible that in late 2010 vgchartz isn't permabanned like on most other gaming sites?


Just in case there possibly is anyone who doesn't know what a complete fraud vgchartz is...

The joke of a site was started when a 20 year old Xbox fan got perma-banned from the neogaf forums for continually posting fake and obviously made up sales figures. ...

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LOL @ the fanboy Torrence Davis trying to do damage control for Microsoft's online service.

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I don't know why the Xbox fans at Kotaku are even bothering. They could say Gran Turismo rapes kittens and no one is going to care what they have to say.

Once you lose your credibility you can't ever get it back. They chose to play fanboy games this gen. Now they are a joke to gamers.

Sucks to be them.

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