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Shadow Flare "I said to you to watch the worldwide hardware sales"

Hopefully everyone will keep this in mind:

"We said we'd asked SCEE exactly how it did calculate its sales - and which territories it covered. A spokesman for the company has now responded as follows:

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...


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"Sony announced 24 million.
MS announced 31 million."

Can we stop this crap?

Sony has reported 24 million SOLD to customers worldwide.

Microsoft has SHIPPED 31 million worldwide.

Microsoft has only SOLD some 29-30 million worldwide because their reported figures include every single Xbox 360 sitting on store shelves worldwide or on deliver trucks heading to stores and retail warehouses.

Both Nintendo and Sony sw...

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Alan Wake - PC version with better graphics coming out later

Bioshock 2 - Multiplatform

Mass Effect 2 - PC version with better graphics

Lost Planet 2 - Multiplatform

Dead Rising 2 - Multiplatform

Max Payne 2 - Multiplatform

Splinter Cell - PC version with better graphics

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"360 sales were hurt a lot more by RROD than they were helped."

Yes, that is the standard damage control line for the Xbox 360 this gen.

Last gen it was "Sales were pretty good for a first console". Only really works for people clueless enough to not know about Sony's first console the PS1 selling 105 million.

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Have you tried this?:

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3.0 Firmware. Start music from the XMB. Launch the browser. Surf around. Music continues to play.

Unless there is something else you are talking about.

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Yeah, I think the only real unknown right now is what is going to happen to the Wii crowd and what is Nintendo's next move.

Is Nintendo content to just let the Wii slow down in the market but still rake in massive profits?

Or will Nintendo have their follow up ready to go at next year's E3?

Sony is very clear this from this point on for the rest of the gen. They have the massive graphical superiority. They have the massive first party and exclusive games...

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Yes, awesome news for European gamers.

Although with the absolutely insane PS3/PSP late 2009 release list I have to imagine quite a few people are going to be importing it and not getting to it until it actually goes on sale in Europe in early 2010.

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The PS3 launched 1.5 years later in Europe. Not 1 year.

And by Sony and Microsoft's own figures, Sony already has a 1 million lead.

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"That is PATHETIC"


"We're confident we are actually around a million units ahead,"

Actually? So you lied when you gave out your latest sales figures.

What's even more embarrassing for Microsoft is just look at how fast the PS3 is selling compared to the 360:

360 came out in late 2005
PS3 came out in middle 2007

So the 360 has been on sale for 3.5 years

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"Can't fit everything in, but looks like Killzone 2 was one I really should have added."

A top graphics of 2009 list and you didn't think to put Killzone 2 at either the top of or very near the top of the list?

A game that is running a graphics engine that isn't even possible on any other console besides the PS3. A game that caused mass hysteria when Sony demoed the engine running in real time on a PS3 at E3 in 2007.

Your list is a farce. Compu...

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As long as they actually update it and its not the same text file sitting on the PSN servers unchanged for months it is a nice addition.

Store updates
PS3, PSP game releases
PS3, PSP stories on TV
Home events going on - game launching nights, parties, contests, etc

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With Rockstar North completely focused on the PS3 and the 360 is out of the picture. They have to be working on an incredible PS3 level graphics engine for Agent.

They could restore much of the damage GTA4 did to their reputation if they:

Released a new version of GTA4 running their new PS3 exclusive engine - with all of the stuff they had to drop due to having to downgrade the game for the 360

Then release Agent for the PS3.

And then move o...

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"7 million"

read disc error reads vgcharz...LOL!

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"EDIT- Oh vgchartz"

Yep, vgchartz.


The PS3 Slim is released today, September 1st. Just like with Japan the old PS3 models stopped being manufactured so there is a dead period while the old PS3s empty out of the retail channel before the Slim goes on sale.

Desperate and sad attempt at Xbox fanboy spin from vgchartz. As usual.

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"The ball is in Sony's court right now."

Just so everyone is on the same page. Let's remember that the PS3 was outselling the 360 pretty much all of last year at 100 dollars more expensive until the desperation 360 price cut down to 200 dollars.

So the balls been in Sony's court for a long time now. The US being the only region the 360 isn't in last place gives a fairly distorted view of the true state of the current gen. But Sony has already kicked Microso...

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Batman PS3 £39.99
Batman 360 £34.96

That's an 8 dollar difference in price on Amazon UK.

Edit: Don't know about the other retailers in the UK.

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It would be nice if there was a short message that told you that your downloads are now paused for games that are online when they startup.

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You can already download while gaming. Only games that have an active online component will pause your downloads that are active in the XMB.

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