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Actually he made no good points and the entire article is pointless.

Blu-Ray continues to replace DVD at a rate faster than DVD did over VHS.

End of story.

Everything else is just pointless blather. Like this article.

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Like everyone has to keep repeating: The PS3 is the third fastest selling console in history.

So spare us with the fanboy revisionist history garbage.

It's a tiresome cycle:

* Fanboys in the press write BS about platform they don't want to succeed

* Their silly little fanboy articles fail to stop the console they are trying to sabotage from succeeding

* They now have to rush out articles trying to rewrite hi...

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GT looks so much better for three reasons:

1. The PS3 has the obvious huge graphical power advantage over the 360. Native 1080p resolution is no big deal for games. Going all the way back to the PS3 launch the PS3 was running Ridge Racer at 1080p 60fps while the 360 could only handle 720p 60fps

2. The gigantic floating point/number crunching power of the SPEs on the Cell chip that simply isn't there on the 360. All those amazing lighting calculations on GT5 are thank...

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"I like it that Sony is starting to support HOME now."

LOL! Were you actually serious?

8 million users. Massive content updates from all the major publishers and Sony themselves.

Yeah, Sony is 'starting' to support Home...

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This game is incredibly fun.

A fantastic break for people who are burned out on other MMORPGs with their massive time sinks and multi-hour raids.

Sony's years of experience really shows with easily the most polished and seamless MMORPG on the market. You don't have to download any 10+ gig installer or spend an entire day patching, everything is streamed and you are in the game in at most a few minutes after signing up.

Half the game can be played without...

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"Microsoft has been profitable in their games division for a few years now."

Why would someone make such an blatant lie?

Microsoft lost almost 2 billion dollars in the Entertainment and Devices Division in 2007.

They just barely were above break even in 2008.

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From a site that prides itself on having scoops on major Sony news items before other sites to write a completely boneheaded article like this?

The week that Sony is clearing out the retail channel of existing PS3 model to make way for the PS3 Slim.

And you are clueless enough to call it a 'stumble'?

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The Emotion Engine isn't expensive since it is already software emulated. It's the GS from the PS2 that is crazy powerful even by today's standards and a b_tch to emulate.

The amazing GS chip in the PS2 is why the console that was designed back in 1997 was able to put games like God of War in 2005 that were beyond games on newer console like the XBox.

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The PSP Go is not an 'upgrade'.

If there is anyone still not clear on that fact, read that first sentence again.

The PSP Go is designed to go alongside the standard PSP.

Sony is essentially running an experiment with the two PSPs.

One disc and PSN Store based and one purely PSN Store based.

Which ever one ends up being more popular will most likely end up being the basis for the PSP 2.

So trying to pretend the PSP G...

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Sony already dumped Microsoft into last place in Japan a long time ago.

Sony has dumped Microsoft into last place in Europe - even though the PS3 was didn't launch a full year and a half later.

That only leaves the US as the only region the Xbox 360 isn't in last place. If you're a publisher or developer in two out of the three regions the PS3 is already your top priority HD console.

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"um its not just microsoft copying nintendo,sony is doing it too"


Sony was the first console company to come out with motion controls. They did so all the way back in 2003. Three years before Nintendo released the Wii...

And now Sony is the only console company that has managed to get 1:1 controls working with their new controller. Something Nintendo was unable to do with the Wii.

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"Sony fanboys claiming it's the redemption of the Sony brand"

The gaming press is so far off in fantasyland it is keep creepy to even read.

The PS3 was claimed to be the 'redemption' of the Sony brand?

You mean the PS3 that is Sony's follow up to them selling the most successful console in history? The 140 million selling PS2?

You mean Sony needed 'redeeming' after they became the most successful non-Nintendo gaming handheld maker ...

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These articles do make the false assumption that ever will be another Xbox.

It should be clear from Microsoft's actions over the past few years that isn't going to happen. The Xbox 360 was green lighted with the guidelines that it wouldn't rack up losses like the first Xbox. That is exactly what it ended up doing.

After 8 years and 8 billion dollars in losses and the massive drop in revenue and profits Microsoft has been experiencing has squashed any chance of Micros...

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"That is still not as bad as the PS2 failure rate."

How can you not realize that making up lies about the PS2 'being worse than the 360' is completely asinine way to try to deflect Microsoft Xbox 360 RRoD fiasco?

140 million of us have bought PS2s over the past decade...

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I'm trying to remember his name or what to search for on neogaf, but it's been a least a couple years now I think.

But back before Microsoft admitted to the RRoD fiasco and were still lying about the problem, they actually had a guy from some astroturfing type company whose job it was to hang on on neogaf and 'manage' the RRoD fiasco while never letting anyone know that he was being paid by Microsoft.

He eventually stopped working for Microsoft and came clean and adm...

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Lies? Sony fanboys?

Just look at this giant train wreck of a thread from 360 owners:


The 360 owners posting on neogaf are mostly all long time posters due to the very long time it takes to get approved and then a fanatical effort on partisans to ferret out anyone who doesn't actually own the console they claim to

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"they both wii succussed in their own way."

Motion controls for Sony and Microsoft do have different goals.

For Sony, the first console company to come out with motion controls with the EyeToy years ago, motion controls will continue to be a part of the whole. Something interesting but not a pillar of the Playstation platform.

For Microsoft, the motion controls are a way for them to get out of their disastrous console hardware efforts so they d...

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Let's just go back over just how bad Microsoft's actions were:

1. 360s were dying like mad in pre-launch store kiosks - Xbox fans screamed it was incompetent store employees. Microsoft did nothing

2. 360s were dying like mad at gaming magazine and news sites pre-launch. Xbox fans screamed they were just prototype units. Microsoft did nothing.

3. Microsoft went right ahead and shipped console hardware that was defective by design even though they knew tha...

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"If you took your head out of your @ss, you'll see that the ps3 gpu is inferior to the 360 gpu. Go look it up. "

That is so unbelievably sad to see that it's late 2009 and there are people so desperately delusional to be still trying to claim something so idiotic.

It is sickening to think of how much time you and others have spent filling your heads with garbage because it reinforces what you want to believe. 1/10th of that time you ...

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""The very first SKU had about a 16 percent fail rate."


Just when you think Microsoft can't possibly blow it any worse, they make a stupid blunder like this.

Right now the damage control meme from Xbox fans is that:

1. Microsoft owned up to the RRoD fiasco

2. Make up a story about how they had 5 PS2s die on them

3. Possibly t...

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