How to Get Power Core in V Rising

Screenshot of Voltatia the Power Master in V rising

As players progress through V Rising, they will need more powerful weapons and items, and Power Core is key to crafting the best of them. This late-game resource allows players to craft the best jewelry items, which will help boost their Gear Level. More importantly, Power Core is a key component for crafting Onyx Tear. 

How to Craft Power Core in V Rising

To craft a Power Core, players must first defeat Voltatia the Power Master. This is a Level 77 V Blood Boss located in the Trancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North. After defeating Voltatia players will receive a recipe for Power Core. You can then craft it using a Fabricator workstation in your castle by combining only two materials: 

Name Recepi
2x Power Core4(3) Charged Battery
8(6) Radium Alloy

Being that Power Core is a late-game resource, materials needed for its creation are also harder to come by. To get a Charged Battery, players have to find Depleted Batteries first. Luckily, you can do this by looting mechanical enemies and Tech Scrap Piles in Gloomrot South and North. Once Depleted Batteries are acquired, players can bring them to one of the four Lightning Harvesters in the game, which are located at Thunderstrike Peak and Stormdrain Hills. Just be careful. You can only charge 10 Batteries at a time, overloading the harvester and causing lightning strikes in the area. 

On the other hand, players can loot Radium Alloy in Trancendum Machine Factory, or they can craft it.

What is the Power Core Used for in V Rising?

In V Rising, Power Core is one of three components that you need to craft the Onyx Tear. Unlike other resources, Onyx Tear is a key to making the most powerful weapons in the game, and it is gained by combining Power Cores with Gold Ingots and Blood Crystals.

Moreover, the Power Core resource is a main component for crafting powerful late-game Amulet items. All Amulet items grant buffs and bonuses to your vampire, like Resistances, reduced Cooldowns, additional Spell Power, and martial prowess. 


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