XDefiant How to Unlock All Faction Characters

XDefiant title image of the Cleaners faction

XDefiant brings various Factions and their characters from across Ubisoft’s universe into an arena shooter space.

This allows players to play as and against some iconic characters from games like Far Cry and Ghost Recon. Furthermore, at the time of release, the game offers five different factions, all of which consist of three characters. Although there are 15 different characters you can play with, only four are available from the start. All other characters can be unlocked if you dedicate some time. 

How to Unlock All Faction Characters in XDefiant 

Each faction in XDefiant comes with its unique abilities but offers three different characters. As mentioned before, the game has five factions, out of which four are available from the start.

Although players can only choose one character from each faction when they begin playing XDefiant, others can be unlocked. This is done by completing a specific challenge tied to each character, and most are based on the faction’s abilities. Below you will find all XDefiant characters and how to unlock them:

Cleaners / The Division

  • De Rosa – Unlocked by default
  • Green – Get 50 kills with Incinerator Drone
  • Kersey – Get 50 kills with Firebomb
Sceenshot of a lobby with the giant mascot in XDefiant
Image via N4G Unlocked

Phantoms / Ghost Recon

  • Singa – Unlocked by default
  • Gorgon – Block 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier
  • Rhino – Get 25 kills with Blitz Shield

Libertad / Far Cry 6

  • Iselda – Green – Unlocked by default
  • Selete – Heal 5,000 to allies with El Remedio
  • Beto – Heal 5,000 to allies with BioVida Boost

Echelon / Splinter Cell

  • Malee – Unlocked by default
  • Rafa – Get 50 Intel Suit Spot assists
  • Samir – Get 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit

DedSec / Watch Dogs

  • Sebastian – Unlock the DedSec faction
  • Gia – Unlock the DedSec faction
  • Jing – Unlock the DedSec faction

To play as DedSec, hackers from the Watch Dogs, players must first unlock the entire faction. This can be done by earning 700,000 XP while playing the game, or players can purchase the faction from the in-game Store for 1,000 XCoins.


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