Players Demand From Ubisoft to Get XDefiant on Steam

Screenshot of an agent in Xdefinat firing a weapon.

The Preseason of XDefiant has been live since the game launched on May 21. There have been plenty of good and bad reviews so far. One common complaint among the players is that XDefiant is a Ubisoft Connect exclusive, meaning it isn’t available on Steam. It seems that a lot of fans consider that to be a huge disadvantage.

Fans Disclose Steam as Their Favorite Gaming Platform

Some players have even refused to try playing XDefiant because it wasn’t available on Steam. One of the fans, BigBottomBoxLip9, shared: “I am having an absolute blast on this game. Haven’t had nearly this much fun in a shooter in probably 8-10 years. However, the one thing holding it back is it being NOT ON STEAM”.

They added: “I literally have two stubborn friends REFUSING to play it because it’s only on the Ubisoft launcher. You heard that right, they are literally not trying it because of a launcher. My friends probably aren’t the only ones either”.
LambiWasTaken partially agreed: “As a PC player, I really wish it was on Steam. With that said though, anyone who won’t play the game because it’s not on Steam honestly needs to grow up. The launcher has nothing to do with the game”.

XDefiant image of the Midway map
Image via Ubisoft

Other players listed all the reasons why the game should be on Steam. One of the big reasons is having access to the community/guides everything that is shared directly between friends. Another reason might be the possibility of Steam achievements. Also, it would allow a player to have all of their games in one place. FireFlyKOS explained: “PC players mostly just wish they had what console players have: everything in one place. I use both and the simplicity of the PS5 is super convenient”.

What Can XDefiant Players Expect for the Future?

One of the fans, Krusero, explained why XDefiant coming to Steam isn’t exactly the dream. They said: “But if it’s on Steam, you still have to download the Ubisoft launcher and you have to use both”. DevilmanXV confirmed: “Even if you buy them [the games] on Steam it directs you through them [the Ubisoft launcher] for almost all Ubisoft games”.

Another player, throwawayforegg_irl, explained the procedure. They reported: “It’ll show you the official XDefiant Ubisoft website with a download button for your preferred platform. It’ll then ask you to open the link in Ubisoft Connect, and then it will download inside of Ubisoft Connect. I can’t for the life of me comprehend why they did this”.
Some people suggest that Ubisoft might be waiting for a drop in the initial number of players before they introduce XDefiant to Steam, thus bringing the hype back up. As of the time of writing this article, Ubisoft hasn’t announced whether, or when, XDefiant will be available on Steam. In situations like these, the only thing we can do is wait and see. Hopefully, Ubisoft will listen to their fans.


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