Will XDefiant Have an Anti-Cheat?

XDefiant group photo of various characters

With the release of XDefiant, we cannot help but wonder if the game uses Anti-Cheat software. Developed by Ubisoft, XDefiant draws heavily from all of Ubisoft’s gaming universes to bring us an interesting 6v6 competitive shooter. Different factions and locations in the game are all pulled from Ubisoft titles and are well-known in the community. Every faction comes with its own set of abilities and gadgets, and all agents are customizable with different weapon options. 

Due to the massive popularity the game gathered after successful Beta and Server tests, we can expect a great number of players to be present from day one. Sadly, among all the players, there are certainly going to be cheaters and hackers present. They can ruin the gaming experience and push players away from a potentially great game. For this reason, many online games use some form of anti-cheat software and security measures. So let’s see if XDefiant uses anti-cheat, how they plan to engage the cheater problem, and what they will use to ensure fair and honest gameplay.

Does XDefiant Have an Anti-Cheat?

Yes, XDefiant does use anti-cheat software. All modern online games use some kind of hacker and cheater protection, so it is no surprise that XDefiant is among them. Although the game development team has been almost fully transparent about features in the game, information about anti-cheat is something they have not discussed much and are keeping sort of a secret. For this reason, we know very little about what has been implemented to ensure fair gameplay in XDefiant.  

Image of characters protecting an objective in XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

What is the Anti-Cheat Software that XDefiant uses?

Ubisoft’s newest FPS release is using BattlEye anti-cheat software. It was first introduced in 2004, as a third-party anti-cheat for Battlefield Vietnam. Since then, BattlEye has been implemented into all kinds of FPS games like PUBG: Battlegrounds and Arma 3. BattlEye anti-cheat software is used across various Ubisoft games, especially Tom Clancy’s games like Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon.


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