V Rising Game Modes Explained

Screenshot of two vampires riding hourses away from a Monster in V Rising

Choosing a game mode is an important first step in every game, and V Rising is no exception. Read on to see a list of all available game modes for V Rising.

Combining RPG mechanics with a survival game set in a world full of mythical and horror creatures, players are let loose as one of the vampires in the world of Vardoran, and becoming an apex predator is their only goal. 

Game Modes in V Rising

One of the most important choices players make in V Rising is just before starting their vampire adventure. The players must choose the game mode in which they will play.

Although the core game mechanics are the same regardless of which game mode you choose, the experience with the game will change drastically. There are four game modes in V Rising, and below you will find detailed descriptions for each.   

PvE Game Mode

V Rising is created to be a multiplayer experience, but PvE, or Player vs. Environment mode, gives players the option of a solo experience. This mode is highly recommended for all newcomers to the game and everyone who just wants to play alone. Moreover, this mode offers a co-op option for up to four players, so you can play with friends without worrying about other players.

PvP Game Mode

PvP, or Player vs. Player mode, will put you on a server with other vampires. Every player on the server is moving, gathering, building, and expanding at the same time. This will inevitably lead to fighting with others over resources or stealing their loot. Dying in this mode will see everything the player carried dropped as loot, except their equipment and tools.

Full Loot PvP Game Mode

As the name suggests, this is a “high-risk, high-reward” mode that you can play in V Rising. Full Loot PvP follows the same rules as PvP, with a notable difference being that when you die, you lose everything your character has acquired until that point. This is a brutal mode indeed, that is best avoided by players not on top of their V Rising game. 

PvP Duo Game Mode

Sitting somewhere between PvP and Full Loot PvP is PvP Duo mode. In this mode, two players are allied and will fight against other teams of vampires. Obviously, this is a great mode to play with a friend after honing your skills in PvE and wanting a challenge that only human opponents can provide.   


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