How to Relocate the Castle in V Rising

Screenshot of a vampire standing on a balcony overlooking the gardens in V Rising

There are many reasons to relocate the castle in V Rising, and we will show you how to do just that.

Moving your castle closer to resources or V Blood targets will speed up the process of gathering and will help with future quests. Relocating the castle will also save you time and resources. Or you can move away from aggressive players if you’re on a PvP server. Moreover, it is great to have all the crafting stations close at all times. 

V Rising: How to Relocate the Castle

Finding a suitable location for the new castle is imperative before relocation can begin. Once you have found the perfect spot, be sure to clear the area. Now that everything is ready, build the Castle Relocation Heart and use “Connect a Castle Heart” to connect it with the castle you wish to move. However, take care while selecting the castle if you have more than one on the map, so as not to select the wrong one.

Selecting the “Move Castle” option on Castle Relocation Heart will start the process of deconstructing the old base. New options will appear in the build menu, and placing a Travel Bags storage is mandatory. This item will hold the materials from your old castle that are not used after the relocation is finished. Furthermore, Travel Bags storage will disappear once all the items are removed from it.

Opening the build menu, players can place all the walls, building stations, etc. from their old base at no cost. Once you are done and satisfied with the new placement, interact with Heart by selecting “Relocate Castle” to finish the job. Everything that was placed will magically appear at the new location. However, all the structures not placed (either on purpose or that you missed) will be deconstructed into materials and placed in Travel Bags storage.

Can Castle Relocation be Stopped?

Yes, the castle relocation process can be canceled before the “Relocate Castle” option is selected, but not after it. To stop the relocation process players can interact with the Relocation Hearth and select the “Disconnect Castle” option. Moreover, deconstructing the Heart or leaving the new location before the process is complete will also stop the process.

Finally, relocating the selected castle can be done only once every three hours. Due to this being a server-based game, there is no way of changing it. So, be sure to plan any future relocations with that in mind. 


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