How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising

Screenshot of a vampire battleing a gient spider in V Rising

As players progress through V Rising, they will need more rare and valuable materials for crafting, such as Ghost Yarn. Luckily, there are two ways to acquire Ghost Yarn in the game, and one is a bit safer than the other. This guide will provide players with everything they need to either farm/loot or craft Ghost Yarn.

Ways of Getting Ghost Yarn in V Rising

In V Rising, players can use two different methods to get Ghost Yarn. Firstly, this material can be looted from the locations in the Cursed Forest. Alternatively, players can craft Ghost Yarn by using the Advanced Loom tailoring machine in their castle.

The blueprint for Advanced Loom is unlocked after defeating Matka the Curse Weaver, a Level 77 Blood carrier located in Cursed Forest. Along with unlocking the upgrade option for Loom, defeating Matka will award players with a recipe for Ghost Yarn:

2 x Ghost Yarn16(12) x Ghost Shroom
4(3) x Wool Thread
2 x Cotton Yarn 

Note that the numbers in brackets are used if you placed the Advanced Loom on its corresponding floor – Tailor’s Floor.

Where to Loot Ghost Yarn 

Screenshot of a map in V Rising
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As mentioned before, Ghost Yarn can be farmed in the Cursed Forest, and the best locations to do this are two Ancient Villages. Villages are located in the western and eastern parts of the forest. The Western village is close to the entrance into Cursed Forest from Gloomrot South, while the Eastern village is located near the Hallowed Mountains entrance.

Looting the material this way will require quite more grinding and is a bit more dangerous than crafting Ghost Yarn yourself. To have an easier time, the recommended Gear Level is at least 50 or even greater for the Eastern village. The Eastern village is also the home of Foulrot the Soultaker, so be extremely careful venturing there. 
The important thing to remember is that killing enemies will not drop Ghost Yarn as Loot. The material is found inside containers located in abandoned houses throughout the villages. Moreover, these two villages are great for farming Ghost Shrooms which are a key component in crafting the Ghost Yarn.      


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