How to Get Radium Alloy in V Rising

Screenshot of a vampire battling enemies in V Rising.

V Rising has a big list of crafting materials, and Radium Alloy is among the most advanced ones. This material is used in crafting some of the best items in the game, and players will need a lot of it. Unlike the majority of materials in the game, players can only craft Radium Alloy themselves, it cannot be gathered otherwise.   

How to Make Radium Alloy 

Radium Alloy becomes available to players after they reach the Gloomrot region. Locating and defeating Ziva the Engineer in Trancendum Machine Factory will unlock the recipe for this material, among other things. From then on, players can make Radium Alloy using a Furnace workstation by combining three materials:

4x Radium Alloy  1x Sludge-filled Canister
4(3) Sulphur
60(45) Tech Scrap

To get all the materials needed to craft Radium Alloy players will have to loot and use other workstations. The Sludge-filled Canister is crafted using a Fabricator, by combining Iron Ingot, Mutant Grease, and Glass. Sulphur can be found throughout the world, especially in Bandit Sulphur Quarry, or it can be created by refining Sulphur Ore in the Furnace. Lastly, Tech Scrap can be found by looting chests and crates along with being dropped by enemies in the Gloomrot region.

Of all three ingredients, the Sludge-filled Canister takes the most time to acquire, so we recommend stockpiling the materials needed for it as soon as possible. Radium Alloy is an important ingredient for late-game items, and players will need a lot of it. 

Screenshot of a vampire crossing a bridge in V Rising.
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Radium Alloy Use in V Rising

As mentioned, Radium Alloy is used to crate late-game ingredients like Power Cores, Obsidian, and items like Blood Merlot Amulet. However, its greatest use is in crafting Rare Ancestral Weapons, the first tier of Legendary weapons in V Rising. 
Players will need to beat Octavian the Militia Captain to craft Rare Ancestral Weapons using Radium Alloy. This unlocks access to the Ancestral Forge, which will upgrade the Forge before crafting can commence. The final ingredient is Ancestral Weapon Shards which can be bought from Vampire Merchant located in Ruins of Mortium. Alternatively, players can acquire Shards by defeating V Blood bosses scattered around the map. 


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