Alternatives to Manor Lords – 7 Best Games Like Manor Lords

Screenshot of a village in Manor Lords

With the release of Manor Lords on the horizon, you might be looking for similar games to pass the time. Developed by Slavic Magic, Manor Lords is shaping up to be a great addition to the city-building genre. Set in the 14th century, the players take the role of a feudal lord governing over a small village province. Developing this region into a bustling city will take all your city-building and managerial skills. You might want to try some of the games from the list below to hone this skill before the game arrives. 

Top 7 Best Games Like Manor Lords   

At its core, Manor Lords is a city-building game set in medieval times. Moreover, the game has a rich resource-gathering system paired with a focus on strategic combat. So for the game to be considered for this list it will have to have a similar focus on city-building, survival, and combat. Let’s dive into our list of the top seven games like Manor Lords.  

7. Stronghold Franchise

Image via Steam

Stronghold games are real-time strategy games set during medieval times. Although there are many titles in the Stronghold series, the mechanics stayed the same. Taking the role of a lord, players must defend and build their castle while trying to destroy their enemies. To achieve this you have to gather resources, manage building placement, design the layout of the walls and towers, and recruit and lead your troops.     

6. Anno 1800

Image of a zoo complex in Anno 1800
Image via Steam

The latest game in the Anno series is a city-building real-time strategy game set during the 19th-century Industrial Revolution. After a few games set in futuristic settings, Anno 1800 returns to a more traditional Anno mechanics of city-building and sea combat. Aesthetically inspired by Victorian England, the game introduces tourism and the effects of industrialization to the classic Anno island development.   

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5. Frostpunk 1 and 2

Image of a settlement in Frostpunk2
Image via Steam

Frostpunk games are survival city-building games with a dose of moral dilemmas sprinkled on top. The original game and the upcoming sequel are set in an alternate 20th century during a Great Storm. Keeping the Generator running is the only way of survival, and it is up to you as a Steward to see your people thrive in the harsh conditions. Tough choices will have to be made for the society to survive.  

4. Banished

Screenshot of a village in Banished
Image via Steam

Banished is a city-building game that focuses on survival and careful resource management. Set in a Medieval period players start with a small group of banished settlers, and it is you to you to see them survive harsh changing seasons. Resource optimization and sustainability are keys to survival in this unforgiving game. 

3. Farthest Frontier

Image of a settlement in Farthest Frontier
Image via Steam

Developed by Crate Entertainment, Farthest Frontier is a village survival simulation game. Leading a small group of pioneers, you are tasked with creating a new home for your people. To survive, you will have to provide your people with a rich harvest using detailed farming systems. Additionally, a thriving economy will need to be established, along with protection from marauding armies and dangerous wildlife.    

2. Medieval Dynasty

Screenshot of a character and NPCs building a house in Madieval Dynasty
Image via Steam

Although not a strategic city-building game like Manor Lords, Medieval Dynasty is more of a Survival adventure. The players start alone, poor and inexperienced, but through the game, they can build a thriving community. All the staples of a city-building game are here – from gathering resources to building houses and production chains. The only big difference to Manor Lords is that you will be doing all of this from a first-person view.    

1. Ostriv

Screenshot of a village in Ostriv
Image via Steam

Bearing most similarities to Manor Lords, Ostriv is a city-building game set in the 18th century. Players take on the role of a city governor and it is up to them to create a prosperous city using organic town layouts. The game is currently in Early Access, but if you like organic city-builders you will have a lot of fun with this one. 

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