Community Shares Their Wishes for the Future of Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of the village and the church

With the game being in early access, there are lots of little details that are yet to be added. Manor Lords players took to Reddit to express their wishes. Greg Styczeń, the solo developer of Manor Lords is known to listen to the players, so maybe some of these ideas might come true.

Players Describe Exactly What They Want

Direct-Date4150 asked for a “little more life” in the town. They went on to explain: “The market is the center of my town and also the most lifeless part of it. I think if families weren’t limited to solely the working members that would add tons of life. Kids running around and elders strolling the market. It wouldn’t affect balance at all. Obviously, this adds nothing to gameplay but it would really add the finishing touch for me”. Demon_Bear_GER offered some reassurance: “There will probably be more life on the markets. Remember the sheep wandering by themselves? They flock now in the beta patch. Greg is on it”.

Manor Lords image of a Marketplace and fuel stall covered in snow
Image via N4G Unlocked

Most players wish for more entertainment in their towns. RadioactiveLily suggested: “Wagons rolling in now and then with performers who set up somewhere in the central part of the village. That would be pretty neat”. Another user, rafale1981, contributed: “I want the knights of the coconut travelling through my region”! If you are too young to understand this reference, it’s from a scene from ”Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

Players added to this idea, making it more realistic. Broad-Rub4050 said: “I want to see a little bit of a hit on the production of the town when this happens”. That would be a neat little detail. Another player, chilari went even further, suggesting “a debuff to production during, but a small buff to production afterward as well as a happiness buff during”. A lovely idea, providing the fans with the full experience.

What Future Patches Might Deliver?

Unfortunately, not all players share the enthusiasm. BreadentheBirbman pointed out: “Considering that there are serious performance issues with populations in the low thousands, adding more people that don’t actually do anything probably isn’t a great idea right now”.

Of course, a balance is the key. _DauT expressed their opinion: “Bros talking about finishing touches when the game is still in early access! I agree with you but give them time. Better to have a complete game with every feature and get the cherry on top at the end.”

Overall, expectations are high for the finished version. You never know, the developer might see some of these ideas and be inspired to implement them.


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