How to Get and Use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords

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Wondering what this Construction Material is for? This article explains how to get and use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords.

Created by Slavic Magic, Manor Lords is a new addition to the city-builder genre. It has a highly detailed medieval setting, with lots of different materials and buildings. But, being in Early Access, some parts of the game are still not developed fully, like Wooden Parts, for example. So, let’s see how to get those Wooden Parts in Manor Lords and how to use them.

Manor Lords: How to Get Wooden Parts

To craft Wooden Parts, you need a Joiner’s Workshop, which is a Backyard Extension for your Burgage Plots. Select a Burgage Plot of at least Level 2 and you will see the option to add a Backyard Extension. Select Joiner’s Workshop (you’ll need 4 Planks to do that) and that will turn this whole plot into a Workshop and people inside will turn into Artisans. Note that once a Plot turns into a Workshop, you cannot change it again. Only by demolishing the house can you repurpose that Plot.

Once you have a Joiner’s Workshop up and running, it can turn your Planks into Small Shields, Large Shields, and Wooden Parts. It takes two Planks (made from Timber in the Sawpit) to make one unit of Wooden Parts.

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How to Use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords

Wooden Parts belong to the Construction Material category, so you’d expect you need them for certain buildings. At this moment, Wooden Parts serve no purpose besides being sold in the Trading Post. You can get five Regional Wealth for one unit of Wooden Parts.

As the game is still in Early Access, you can expect that Wooden Parts will have a purpose in future updates. For now, you can only sell them, which is only recommended if you have a surplus of Planks (since you need Timber and Planks for other projects).

We expect that Wooden Parts will be needed for crafting and some advanced town buildings. Once that happens, we’ll keep this article up to date with the game’s development. 

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