How to Get Taxes and Tithes in Manor Lords

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Naturally, you’ll need money to improve your village. Read on to see how to get Taxes and Tithes in Manor Lords.

If you are a fan of city builders, no doubt that you have heard that Manor Lords has finally been released in Early Access. Developed by Slavic Magic, it is a highly detailed medieval city builder. So much so that you, as a Lord, can walk through the streets in third-person view, to see up-close how your settlement is expanding. To expand and improve your village, you’ll need some gold. And to get it, you’ll have to rely on taxation, most of the time. So, with that in mind, let’s see how to get Taxes and Tithes in Manor Lords

Manor Lords: How to Get Taxes

Taxation is one of the main methods to get money into your personal treasury. Now, to get taxes, you first have to build a Manor. You can find it in the Administration Buildings section. Once you have your Manor, select it and go to the Taxes tab. 

There you have various taxation options that you can modify. You can either type in the taxation percentage manually into each category or click the “+” and “-” buttons to change the amount by 10%. Also, the higher the level of a building, the more tax money it will generate. Naturally, the higher the taxation, the lower will your Approval rating be, so try to find a balance between those two.

Manor Lords image of the taxes screen
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How to Get Tithes in Manor Lords

Tithes are the food you pay to the Church to get influence. You have to have both a Church and a Manor built to have the option of setting Tithes. Tithes will take a percentage of your food and give it to the Church each month, and in return, you will get some Influence. Influence is used to get new land, for example.

Pay attention to the amount of food you’re setting aside. Your villagers still need to eat, especially during winter. If you really need some Influence, you can impose a Fasting policy to make your people eat less. That way you’ll have more food surplus and thus can support a larger Tithe. This is just one of the many ways you can get Influence.

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