Can you play Manor Lords with the Game Pass?

Image of a Village square in Manor Lords

With the release of Manor Lords only days away, players wonder if the game is coming to Game Pass. This may be one of the most important questions for all who are subscribed or thinking of subscribing to Microsoft’s gaming service. Stick with us and find out if you can play Manor Lords with the Game Pass. 

The game’s unique blend of city-building with massive battles has made it one of the most anticipated games of 2024. Manor Lords puts players in the role of 14th-century feudal Lord with one village province to govern. It is up to the players to guide their subjects and develop their simple village into a prosperous city. Moreover, your growing community will need more resources and space to expand, which can be acquired by military conquest. You’ll need to consider many social, economic and military aspects to make sure that your city thrives.

Is Manor Lords on Game Pass?

Yes, when Manor Lords releases in Early Access on April 26, it will be available on Game Pass for PC. This means that if you have a PC Game Pass subscription, you will be able to enjoy the game on day one. Although the game’s Early Access launch is exclusive to PC, the game will eventually be playable on Xbox as well. However, there is currently no official date for the Xbox launch. 

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Unlike the PC version, there is currently no confirmation that the game will be added to the Xbox Game Pass. Nevertheless, because the game is going to be a part of the PC Game Pass on launch, we do not doubt that this will be the case with the Xbox release. We can only wait and see once the game is released on Microsoft’s consoles, like Xbox Series X|S.

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