Manor Lords: What Are Region Development Points, How to Get Them, and Best Development Points Tier List

Image of a starting village setup in Manor Lords.

There is much to consider when establishing your regions in Manor Lords, but selecting Development points can be pivotal in that endeavour. Like in most games, some choices are better than others, so we have ranked them all in a tier list.

Development points allow you to specialize your regions by providing buffs and unlocking building or commodity options. It’s a good idea to have a plan for a region once you start playing, but choosing where to invest your points is just as important. To help you with that, let’s take a look at what are Development Points and our Manor Lords Development point tier list.

How to get Development Points in Manor Lords

You earn Development points every time your regional settlement levels up to the next tier. That means that you get to earn and spend them separately per each region that you control. A settlement’s tier is dependent on the number and level of your Burgage Plots, with progressively growing demands. To plan ahead, it’s good to be aware that each region will get a maximum of 6 Development points once it gets to the final tier, Large Town.

What are Development Points?

Image of the regional Development Points menu in manor Lords.
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Development points are split over four branching paths which you can mix and match. They can be roughly split into Farming, Commerce, Industry, and Forestry. This can be handy to help you plan out region specializations. Let’s take a look at the full list of nodes in each branch:

  • Farming:
    • Orchardry: Allows Apple orchards in Burgage extensions.
      • Rye Cultivation: Unlocks Rye on farming Fields.
      • Irrigation: Lowers Drought damage on Fields.
    • Sheep Breeding: Allows Sheep to multiply on Pastures.
    • Heavy Plow: Unlocks Plowing Station that uses Oxen to speed up farming.
      • Fertilization: Unlocks Fence Up upgrade for fallow farms that allow Sheep to graze.
      • Bakeries: Unlocks Burgage bakeries that have double efficiency.
  • Commerce:
    • Foreign Supplies: Enables Firewood and Food Carts for the Market.
    • Trade Logistics: New Trade Routes cost a maximum of 25 Regional Wealth.
      • Better Deals: Lowers import pricing by 10 per item.
  • Industry:
    • Charcoal Burning: Unlocks Charcoal Kiln that turns Firewood into Charcoal.
      • Deep Mining: Upgrades rich deposits into an infinite source.
    • Basic Armormaking: Allows Artisans to make Helmets.
      • Advanced Armormaking: Allows Artisans to make Mail Armor.
        • Master Armormaking: Allows Artisans to make Plate Armor.
  • Forestry:
    • Trapping: Hunters can set traps for a passive income of Meat.
      • Pelt Extraction: Hunters can get Hides from traps.
      • Advanced Skinning: Doubles Meat production from hunting.
    • Forest Management: Doubles the capacity of all Berry nodes.
    • Beekeeping: Unlocks Apiary that produces Honey.
      • Advanced Beekeeping: Allows Apiary to also produce Wax.

Tier List of Best Development Points

S Tier

  • Trade Logistics
  • Better Deals
  • Heavy Plow
  • Deep Mining

S Tier Development points are no-brainer picks no matter how you look at them. The trading nodes are easily currently the best option, especially in your main settlement. The amount of savings you get with Trade Logistics and Better Deals can singlehandedly support your region’s economy. Heavy Plow and Deep Mining, while situational, are extremely strong if enacted where they’re most appropriate.

A Tier

  • Trapping
  • Advanced Skinning
  • Sheepbreeding
  • Orchardry
  • Irrigation
  • Basic Armormaking

A Tier Development points are strong choices to develop and specialize your region. For example, Trapping and Advanced Skinning are a good early-game boost, while Sheepbreeding and Orchardry open new avenues for produce. Irrigation is excellent for your farming specialized region, while Basic Armormaking is an easy way to improve your overall troop quality

B Tier

  • Fertilization
  • Bakeries
  • Beekeeping
  • Charcoal Burning
  • Advanced Armormaking

B Tier points can be used as a second layer over more powerful buffs, especially within heavily specialized regions. This is especially evident with picks like Fertilization, Bakeries, and Advanced Armormaking. While strong, these choices represent a “win more” situation rather than enablers.

C Tier

  • Rye Cultivation
  • Foreign Supplies
  • Forest Management
  • Advanced Skinning
  • Advanced Beekeeping
  • Master Armormaking 

It’s important to note that C Tier points aren’t useless by any means. However, when faced with better picks from other tiers, they are either suboptimal (Forest Management, Advanced Skinning, Foreign Supplies) come online too late (Rye Cultivation, Master Armormaking), or aren’t useful yet (Advanced Beekeeping).

Now that you know everything you need about Development Points, make sure to check out our other Manor Lords guides, like How to Get and Use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords, How to Get Weapons in Manor Lords, and Best Ways to Increase Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.


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