Can you Play Manor Lords With a Controller

Manor Lords image of a village while it rains

Manor Lords is out and the question is: can you play it on a PC with a controller? Let’s see about that.

Made by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse, Manor Lords is a real-time strategy game. You manage your settlement, its resources, workforce, army, etc. You can even switch to a third-person view and take a walk through the village. With so many options to click and things to manage, naturally, this game is best played on mouse and keyboard. But, if you want to play Manor Lords with a controller, read on to see if that is an option.

Manor Lords: Does it Have Controller Support

For now, there is no official controller support. Manor Lords is planned to be released on Xbox (in fact, it is available on Xbox Game Pass), so it is quite strange that there is no controller support.

On one hand, real-time strategies are best when played with a mouse and keyboard, due to the sheer number of options they give you. There are a lot of menus to click, numbers to type in, etc, and that would be a little clunky to do with a controller.

Manor Lords image of a village market and a Church
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On the other hand, Manor Lords should be on Xbox at a later date (still unknown). You’ll definitely have to use a controller for it. 

Will Manor Lords be Playable With a Controller in the Future

We expect that it most definitely will. It is available on Game Pass and is planned to be released on Xbox, so controller support will be necessary. We can expect that full controller support will coincide with the Xbox release, but it may happen that PCs get controller support a little early, as a way to test it out. Manor Lords is still in Early Access and getting constant small updates, so we can safely say that controller support is just a matter of time.

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