How to Delete Roads in Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of a village with some roads

If you made a mistake placing your roads, do not worry. This article explains how to delete roads in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is a medieval city-builder with some stunning visuals. With engaging and realistic gameplay, it is no wonder it was wishlisted two million times. You have to keep track of so much for your settlement to prosper. Your people need access to various food, fuel (especially during winter), clothing, and more. And, for your village to function properly, you need roads. But, what to do if the road is now in the way of your other projects, is there a way to remove them? Yes, there is. Read on to learn how to delete roads in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: How to Delete Roads

Deleting roads is very easy to do. To remove a section of the road, first, select Roads down at the bottom of your screen. Roads-related options will appear right above the Roads button, and on the right, you will see the option ‘Remove Road’. You can do so by holding the Alt key and then clicking on the road section that you want to delete.

Manor Lords image of the Remove Road option
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A message asking you to confirm that you want the road removed will appear. Click Remove and the road will be deleted.

Being in Early Access, the system is still a little clunky. This way you will delete a section of the road, but it may take multiple attempts to remove everything that you want. On the other hand, this can remove some parts of the road that you want to keep, as there is no way to “highlight” which parts you want removed. Thankfully, roads are free in Manor Lords and have no construction time, so you can easily fix everything once you remove them.

Manor Lords image of the confirmation for removing the road
Image via N4G Unlocked

Reasons to Remove Roads in Manor Lords

During the course of the game, you will inevitably place roads all over the place. But, after a while, you may find that a certain section of the road prevents you from placing additional buildings there, or it just ruins your general design and the idea you have for your village. Usually, roads get in the way of making those perfect Burgage Plots or larger marketplace areas.

Whether your reasons are of a practical or aesthetic nature, you can simply remove the roads with just a few clicks.

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