How to Fix ‘Lack of Entertainment’ Debuff in Manor Lords

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Are your peasants bored? This article explains how to fix the ‘Lack of Entertainment’ debuff plaguing your settlement in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is a recent addition to the city-builder family. Created by Slavic Magic, you play as a medieval Lord as you try to turn your little village into a large and functioning city. On that journey, you’ll have to manage a lot of things, like taxes, armies, and population happiness. Speaking of happiness, you may have come across a certain debuff called ‘Lack of Entertainment’ and have no idea what is going on. We are here to help, so read on to see how to fix the ‘Lack of Entertainment’ in Manor Lords.

What is ‘Lack of Entertainment’ and how to fix it

If you have the ‘Lack of Entertainment’ debuff, that means that your villagers have no access to the Tavern, or that your Tavern has no Ale in it. Thankfully, this horrible oversight can be easily fixed.

First, check if your villagers can easily access the Tavern. Make sure there is a road leading up to it, connected to your Burgage Plots, and that the Tavern itself is not too far away.

Now, if you have a Tavern, you get a ‘Lack of Entertainment’ debuff because you are out of Ale. A Tavern with no Ale won’t keep anyone happy. So, with that in mind, here are some tips on how to have a steady supply of Ale.

Manor Lords image of amenities responsible for 'Lack of Entertainment' debuff
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Produce More Barley and Malt to turn into Ale

Make sure that your plots are growing enough Barely. Check where the Barley Fertility is the best, place some Burgage Plots there, enclose farms and build a Farm house nearby. Then, set your farms to have them grow Barley. Naturally, the larger your village, the more Barley you’ll need to have a steady supply.

Next, don’t forget that you need a Malthouse to turn that Barley into Malt. (Pro Tip: make sure you have enough Barley to make it through the Winter). That brings the next point, which is Ale production. You will need to turn (at least) one Burgage of Level 2 or higher into an Artisan specializing in Ale production.

Only when that production chain has been set up will your Tavern supply begin to grow and your villagers will have access to the all-important Ale. Note that this production chain will tie up several of your families and with farms being seasonal will take a while to get going. This brings us neatly to the alternative option – import.


If you are in a hurry and have a decent amount of Regional Wealth, you can start importing some Barley, Malt, or Ale. Check your Trading Post and see if Barley, Malt, or Ale are available for import. Note that Ale, being a finished product, will cost more than Malt, and way more than Barley.

So we recommend importing some Barley and then turning it into Malt in your own Malthouse. After that, set up the Ale artisan in one of your Burgages. This shortens the production chain and relies wholly on your Region Wealth to sustain the industry.

We hope this helps in keeping your villagers happy. For more on Manor Lords, take a look at Can You Play Manor Lords on Mac, 7 Best Games Like Manor Lords, and Is there Multiplayer and Co-Op in Manor Lords.


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