How to Increase Retinue Maximum and Numbers in Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of personal Retinue up close

When it comes down to fighting, having some professional soldiers can surely help. With that in mind, read on to see how to increase your Retinue numbers and maximum in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is the new addition to the city-builder genre, brought to us by Slavic Magic. As you’d expect, you get to micromanage everything, from food, taxes, trade, worker population, and more. But, what makes Manor Lords stand out from the rest is the well-made total-war-like combat system. You can get attacked by brigands (or take the fight to them) and your villagers will form into militia units.

But, no medieval game is complete without some knights. And the closest thing Manor Lords has to knights is your personal Retinue, a small group of professional soldiers. So, read this article to see how to increase your Retinue numbers and maximum in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: How to Increase Your Retinue Numbers

When you reach the Small Village level, you can build a Manor for yourself. It is an administrative building, primarily used for taxation. But, with the Manor, you also get some professional soldiers. Building a Manor grants you a Retinue of five soldiers. They are heavily armed and armored and are way better than peasant militia.

You start with five of them but can increase that number up to 12. In your Military tab, there is an option to customize your Retinue (looks like a paintbrush), and in it, you have the option to add more members to it (the icon looks like a bag with coins). Each new member of your Retinue will cost you 50 gold. Note that that is your personal gold (the one you get with Taxes, for example), not Regional Wealth. So, to increase your retinue from five to 12 soldiers, you’ll need 350 gold.

Manor Lords image of personal Retinue
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How to Increase the Retinue Maximum

The standard maximum for your Retinue is 12, but that number can be increased. To do so, select your Manor, and among the possible upgrades, select Garrison Tower. It costs you 10 Timber, 15 Planks, and 10 Stones to build it, but Garrison Tower increases your Retinue size to 24 (effectively doubling the maximum).

Note that each Manor that you own has its own Retinue. So if you have several villages, you can have a lot of highly trained soldiers.

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