How to Get Weapons in Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of the Fletcher's Workshop

Ready to arm your villagers? This article explains how to get weapons in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game, made by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse. You manage your settlement, growing from a small village into a bustling city. As you’d expect, you’ll handle production, taxes, village happiness, and more. And, of course, you’ll have to protect your village, from Radiers and other Lords. To do so, you have to arm your villagers with weapons. Read on to learn how to get weapons in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: How to Get Weapons

The best way to get weapons is to make them. To craft some weapons, you first need to make the right Backyard Extensions. Build either a Fletcher’s Workshop or a Blacksmith’s Workshop. Your Burgage Plot has to be at least Level 2 to have these options available.

Fletcher’s Workshop requires four Planks in order to be built. Once that is done, it will turn the Burgage Plot’s families into Artisans, preventing them from being used in other buildings. Finally, Fletcher’s Workshop will craft Warbows from Planks.

Manor Lords image of the Backyard Extensions
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To build a Blacksmith’s Workshop, you need five Regional Wealth and five Planks. As with the Fletcher’s Workshop, a Blacksmith will also turn the Plot’s families into Artisans. Once made, you can choose which weapons the Workshop will start crafting: Spears (from Planks and Iron Slabs), Polearms (from Planks and Iron Slabs), or Sidearms (from Iron Slabs).

Manor Lords image of the Backyard Extensions
Image via N4G Unlocked


If you are low on resources, have nowhere to place those Workshops, or just need some weapons fast, you can always import them. 

Select your Trading Post (or build one, if you don’t have it), and in the Trade tab, find the weapons that you want to get. Establish a Trade Route and then select Import from the drop-down menu on the weapon type that you want to import. Bear in mind that all of this will cost you a lot of Regional Wealth, so consider this option only if your village is pretty rich.

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