Best Ways to Increase Regional Wealth in Manor Lords

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If your settlement needs a bit more money, this article will give you the best ways to increase your Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is a highly detailed medieval city-builder game. Besides managing your village and resources, there are two types of currency that you have to think about. You have your personal Treasury and your village’s Regional Wealth. The latter has way more uses (at least for now), so read on to see the best ways to increase your Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: Best Ways to Increase Regional Wealth

The absolute best way to get some money in your people’s pockets is by Exporting. That means trading off your excess resources in return for Regional Wealth. There are other ways to increase your Regional Wealth, but, Exporting is most definitely the best one.

To be able to trade, you first need to build a Trading Post. Open your Construction menu and select the Trade tab. There, select Trading Post and place it wherever you like. It is recommended that you place it near the main roads, to speed up the process.

Manor Lords image of the Construction screen with Trading post
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With your Trading Post built and operating, now it’s time to choose a resource to sell. Click on the Post and select the Trade tab. There you will see various tabs for different resource types. Find the resource that you want to sell and on its drop-down menu select Export. Note that you have to have a Trade Route opened with it (found at the end of each row) to be able to trade it. Finally, select the amount that you wish to keep. Any number of that resource above the chosen amount will be sold.

Manor Lords image of the Trade screen
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Bear in mind that selling too much of the same resource will result in overabundance, and the Export price will drop. The best items for selling are the “end products”, ie, not the materials, but their final product. For example, you’ll get more money for selling Rooftiles than Clay or for Boots than Leather.

Other Ways to Gain Regional Wealth

While Export is the best way to increase your Regional Wealth, it is not the only one. Another way that you can increase the Wealth is by looting Bandit camps. They are usually far away, so you have to send your Militia and Retinue over there and that leaves your village undefended and without a significant chunk of your workforce (if Militia is used). But, once you raid the Bandit camp, you will get to choose between keeping the money for yourself (Treasury) and sending it to your village (Regional Wealth).

The last way to get some Regional Wealth is by upgrading your Burgage Plots. Each Level 2 Burgage Plot will give you one Regional Wealth per family per month, and each Level 3 Burgage Plot will give you two Regional Wealth per family. This is the least rewarding way, but it’s passive, requiring you to do absolutely nothing.

Combine all of these and your Regional Wealth will skyrocket. For more on Manor Lords, check out Is Manor Lords Playable on Steam Deck, How to Delete Roads, and How to Fix ‘Lack of Entertainment’ Debuff in Manor Lords.


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