Manor Lords Community Solves Problems with Helpful Tips

Screenshot of a village in Manor Lords

We love seeing a strong community, and Manor Lords has one of the best. Since this isn’t a PvP game, players are more inclined to share their tips with no hesitation. Most of the problems are solvable, but even more so with some help. This lovely community will offer a useful tip for almost any of the problems related to Manor Lords gameplay.

Building a Stronger Community With Proper Tips

A Reddit user, No_Instruction1321, inquired: “A family designated to a hitching post does WHAT exactly?”. A player named -Zefire- provided us with their insight. They said: “Assigning a family to a hitching post makes them dedicated ox guides. I typically purchase 2 additional oxen so everyone in the family has something to do otherwise the wife and kid will just sit around”. This left many flabbergasted, hardly any players knew that you could assign each family member to a different ox.

The OP, No_Instruction1321, also asked: “I’ve had settlements with 85+ approval, for 2 months straight, and still only 1 family moves in(ample room for 2 families to move in, as the game states should). Am I missing something?”. Once again, -Zefire- came to the rescue. They explained that there are two move-in days in a month. The first move-in date is around the second day, and you need to have 50% approval for a family to move in. It’s also worth mentioning that, in this player’s experience, only one family can move in at a time. The second move-in date is around the 20th day of the month, but your approval percentage has to be at least 75%.

Image of a country side with villagers in Manor Lords
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Manor Lords Players Can Fix Any Problem

When they aren’t sharing tips with each other, the community finds solutions for existing problems in the game. Ryanpb88 took to Reddit to express his annoyance with some features, or rather lack of features. They said: “Why can’t I loot the battlefields after a fight? And yeah I know it’s early access so this might be added in later”. He even suggested a solution. Obviously, the benefits of keeping the entire loot every time would be too big. This fan suggests a dice roll of sorts to decide whether the player gets to keep the loot, or not.

Others hope for a new assignment to be created. One of the fans, ruben451, shared some history knowledge: “In those days it was called gleaning. Could have assigned gleaners…”. PapaRedPanda thought of a different approach, they said: “Should be a task assigned to the corpse pit workers”. Overall, the players agreed that there was still room for improvement, but they also enjoyed the game as it was, nonetheless.

One thing is for certain, these players are dedicated to the game. Each and every one of them mentioned how much they enjoyed the gameplay. All the tips and ideas are just proof of their commitment. Given the past interactions with the solo developer Greg Styczeń, we can safely say that he is open to suggestions from his fans, as he often asks for their feedback.


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