Manor Lords Players Stand United in Their Demand for Bug Fixes and Improvements

Manor Lords image of the village and the church

The Manor Lords community is a peaceful one. Players enjoy sharing their accomplishments with others, almost as much as they enjoy the gameplay. Recently, one of the fans pointed out some small flaws which, if fixed, would greatly improve the experience. Now, Manor Lords players demand improvements and bug fixes.

Developer Faces Constructive Criticism Over Manor Lords Oversights

A player called Yeshua_Ha_Mashiac pointed out: ”Burgages should not require supply from the market for goods they produce themselves. For example, if a house produces vegetables – it should not require supply from the marketplace for vegetables. It should keep “1 vegetable” within its own pantry. Perhaps add a tick-box to each house, to enable holding more than 1, to last a number of months/winter until the next harvest. We shouldn’t have to micro-manage decisions/calculations families can be making themselves right?”

Other players chirped in with examples of their own. Some fans talked about ”the cobbler’s children have no shoes” problem, while others discussed the same problem but with fuel, eggs, or clothes. Reg_Broccoli_III even made this comparison: ”We, the player, are these people’s Lords.  They’re delivering their product into our care to distribute, whether they have enough to eat or not.  As a very rough analogy, this is what drove the Irish Potato Famine.”

Manor Lords top down view of a village
Image via N4G Unlocked

Despite Bugs, the Developer is Praised by Manor Lords Players

Several enthusiasts pointed out that the problem isn’t in the game itself, but rather in the way that the complainers played it. PrivateKat shared a helpful insight: ”If you operate your markets properly you will not have such issues. Just place a small amount of stalls opposite of manned granary+storage, and all the houses in your region will be stocked.”

The amount of mildly upset players put aside, all of them agree on one thing – the game is extremely enjoyable. In the words of Key_Chip_8024: ”Greg [Styczeń] f*****g nailed the perfect game I’ve been looking for since the Age of Empires 2, bugs-sure is it hard for me to start-you bet. Do I care? Not in the slightest. This game is already worth my money and it can only get better from here.”

For those less informed, Greg Styczeń is the solo developer behind Manor Lords. He was praised worldwide for his accomplishments. We hope that Manor Lords players’ demand for bug fixes and other iprovements will be met. With the game still very much in Early Access, it’s clear that an upcoming patch would fix some of the players’ issues.


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