How to Increase Fuel Stall Supply in Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of a Marketplace and fuel stall covered in snow

If you need some help with the fuel supply in your houses, this article is for you. Read on to see how to increase the fuel stall supply in Manor Lords.

There is so much to do in Manor Lords. This medieval city-builder perfectly encapsulates the struggles of a small village, on its way to becoming a large city. It is not enough to just gather resources, you have to distribute them to your people somehow, and that’s where the Marketplace comes into play. You can set up a Stall in the Marketplace for every resource that your villagers may need. However, many players experience some trouble with the Stall for fuel (Firewood and Charcoal). So, with that in mind, let’s see how to increase fuel Stall supply in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: How to Increase Fuel Stall Supply

Your villagers will automatically set up Stalls in your Marketplace for each required resource and commodity. Resources will be transported from the Storehouse or Granary directly to the Stalls, to keep everything supplied. But, it often happens that your Burgage Plots lack fuel, even though your Storehouses are full of them and there are a lot of Fuel Stalls on your Marketplace. It is a common problem, that unfortunately does not have a definite solution. You can try some of these workarounds, to fix this issue.

Increase the Number of Storehouse Workers

Your Storehouse, unsurprisingly, stores most of your resources, and its workers are busy transporting those goods to and fro. It may be that the workers simply can’t manage everything in time, with the current workforce. So, if your Storehouse does not work at 100% capacity, try adding more workers to it.

Manor Lords image of a Large Storehouse covered in snow
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Increase the Number of Woodcutters and Charcoal Burners

Woodcutter’s Lodge is how you get Firewood, which is your primary source of fuel (until you unlock the ability to make Charcoal). Workers in the Lodge will also set up a Stall in your Marketplace to distribute Firewood. The same goes for Charcoal. So, adding a few workers may increase the fuel supply on those Stalls.

Have Your Storehouses and Markets Close Together

Almost everything in Manor Lords is transported by foot. So with that in mind, to have a steady supply of goods, you have to reduce the distances that your workers must walk to carry those goods from point A to point B. Having your Granaries and Storehouses close to your Marketplaces should speed things up, and enable a steady flow of supplies.

Manage Your Marketplaces

Marketplaces are still a little weird at the moment. It looks like every resource-producing building will set up its own Stall at the Market, in addition to the Stalls made by your Storehouses and Granaries. That results in a lot of Stalls. So, first, make sure that your Marketplace lots are large enough, to accommodate all those Stalls. Moreover, players suggest destroying Stalls that are abandoned, to make room for new ones.

Have a Storehouse Just for Fuel

One unusual way some players deal with this problem is to build a Storehouse that only deals with Firewood and Charcoal. To do so, build a Storehouse (or select an existing one), and in the Advanced tab, deselect every resource, keeping only Firewood and Charcoal with the ✓ symbol. That way, workers from that Storehouse will only deal in fuel.

Manor Lords image of Storehouse options
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Bear in mind that the game is in Early Access and still under development, so we expect that this issue with the fuel supply will be fixed in time. For more in Manor Lords, check out What Is a Horse For, How to Get Weapons, and Best Ways to Increase Regional Wealth.


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