What Is a Horse for in Manor Lords? How to Get and Use Horses

Manor Lords Image of a horse cart in winter

As you improve your village, you’ll undoubtedly see the option to import some horses. This article explains why you should do it, what a horse is for in Manor Lords, and how to get them.

Manor Lords is a great medieval city-builder. You have to juggle the demands of your citizens like food, firewood, entertainment, etc. Of course, you have some animals to help you around (when do we get to see some dogs?). The first one you see is the incredibly useful ox. But pretty soon you get the option to import a horse. Why would you do that? Let’s see. Read on to see what a horse is for in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords: What Is a Horse For

For now, the horse is only used to improve your trading. Having an assigned horse to your Trade Post will increase the speed of your merchants, allowing you to export goods faster. So, if you rely on exports to keep your Regional Wealth in balance, we highly recommend you get some horses.

Horses are only used for trading, at the moment. As the game is in Early Access, horses may get more uses in time.

How to Get Horses in Manor Lords

The best way to get horses in Manor Lords is through a Livestock Trading Post. Select an operational Livestock Trading Post and in the Trade tab look for the Horses row. Set the number of Horses that you’d like to have and that is it. Over a short period, you will get your horses, for 30 Regional Wealth each. Remember that you need to have free Stable space to accommodate those animals. 

How to Use Horses

Manor Lords image of the advanced tab of the Livestock Trading Post
Image via N4G Unlocked

For the horses to do their duty, you have to assign them to a Trade Post. Select a Trade Post and in the Advanced tab, you’ll see the option to permanently assign a livestock (a horse, in this case). Set the number of horses you wish to assign to it (one or two per Post) and they will start working on the Trade Post, speeding up your exports.

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