How to Fix ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ in Manor Lords

Manor Lords image of Small Stables with two oxen

A number of players report that they get a ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ message in Manor Lords, so read on to see how to fix it.

On April 26, Manor Lords have been released as Early Access. Developed by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse, this real-time strategy game is already highly praised. It combines great visuals with realistic and engaging gameplay, and that is just the beginning. But, rare is a game without some bugs, and Manor Lords is no different. Especially due to the fact that it is still being developed. In this article, we will tackle the ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ bug that appears to many players in Manor Lords, so read on to see how to fix it. 

Manor Lords: How to Fix ‘Not Enough Stable Space’

The ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ means that you either really do not have enough space in your Stables, or, if you do have enough space, you have encountered a bug. Thankfully, the solutions for both of these problems are simple, so let’s see how to fix this.

How to Add More Stable Space

If you are lacking in Stable space, to accommodate more livestock, you should build more buildings that increase it. The buildings that increase your Stable space are the Hitching Post (and its upgrade: Small Stables) and Livestock Trading Post. Building a few of these buildings should do the trick if you want to add more Oxen or Horses, but have nowhere to accommodate them. 

Manor Lords image of the Livestock Trading Post screen
Image via N4G Unlocked

How to Fix the ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ Bug

More and more players report that they get ‘Not Enough Stable Space’. Thankfully, the community has offered a simple solution for it. The majority of players report that, after getting the ‘Not Enough Stable Space’ message, even though they have enough, a simple reload to the last save or autosave will do the trick. Or better yet, save your game and then load that save. Thankfully, the game autosaves quite often (by default), so that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Keep in mind that the game is still developing, so bugs are bound to happen. For more on Manor Lords, take a look at Best Ways to Increase Regional Wealth, What Are Region Development Points, and How to Increase Retinue Maximum and Numbers.


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