Manor Lords Fans Debate – an Exciting Patch or an Overcorrection

Image of a starting village setup in Manor Lords.

Just a few weeks after the initial early access release, the very first patch dropped. Greg Styczeń, the man behind Slavic Magic, released a comprehensive list of all the new additions and fixes. Several players expressed their awe over the number of items on the list, as everyone was expecting just a small patch. The developer Slavic Magic asked the fans on Reddit what they thought of the changes. Naturally, the new patch caused a debate among Manor Lords fans.

The Developer Causes a Debate among Manor Lords Players

Greg Styczeń posted: ”The publisher warned me that whenever I nerf any OP strategies, there will be a backlash since that’s what always happens. At the same time, I saw the exponential trade route prices and high taxes shock players and maybe seem unintuitive. Curious to hear what the consensus is so far”.

The reviews are mostly positive, people are expressing their gratitude and giving small suggestions. JellingtonSteel noticed: ”The Loserville mechanic seems heavy-handed. My understanding is that it is there to stop players from savescumming to create wealth and/or retrying after a loss. It seems heavy-handed because it also affects players when just coming back to play normally.” Players are afraid to save and put down the game even for several minutes because, with recent changes, the bandit camps spawn every time you load a game.

Manor Lords image of a village market and a Church
Image via N4G Unlocked

Another Redditor, baileybbb3, complained: ”Marketplace still feels very bad to use and annoying to manage. It’s frustrating to try to micro [manage] who gets a stall and who doesn’t, it’s a constant losing battle of having too many stalls”. Others, like Gopherlad pointed out: ”I appreciate the intent behind the king’s tax and the increased trade route cost. I like that I have to care about money beyond just needing it for mercs now”.

They added: ”For the king’s tax, I was playing on Challenging and I found that only through aggressively acquiring regional bank was I able to keep up with the king’s tax. It felt a little weird “saving up” so that I had a bigger bank to drain for the purpose of taxation. Overall I like the direction, but the specifics are quite tough and a little immersion-breaking”.

Fans Insist on Finding Balance

Dulaman96 made a great observation: ”This game isn’t too easy OR too hard. It’s just an early-release game that hasn’t been balanced yet. Be patient”. Many others rushed to agree. They pointed out that the game can be too easy if you know the exploits. If you don’t, the game will be much harder.

A plea was made for the developer not to overcorrect. Effective-Feature908 advises: ”It’s better for mechanics to feel satisfying and work well as opposed to making sure everything is balanced well and making sure things aren’t OP”.

Most players agree – this is a fun and relaxing game. Finding a balance is hard. We believe that a game like Manor Lords has lots of potential. It’ll be interesting to see what the next patch will bring and we can hardly wait. Meanwhile, the current changes are still being tested on the beta branch of the game. Players should expect further tweaks as we get closer to the patch’s release. Until then, it is reassuring to see the community being vocal with their feedback so far.


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