Is there a Demo for Manor Lords

Image of a country side with villagers in Manor Lords

Manor Lords is about to be released, but many players wonder if there is a Demo of the game. This is no surprise since the game is one of the most anticipated strategy titles in 2024. As we all know, Demos are a great way to get a feel for a game’s mechanics. Read on and let’s find out if there is a Demo that players can try for Manor Lords. 

Does Manor Lords have a Demo available? 

Unfortunately, currently, there is no Demo available for Manor Lords. Back in October 2022, a Demo version of the game was available for PC during Steam’s Next Fest. After this, Slavic Magic the developer of Manor Lords has locked the game and asked players that have downloaded the Demo not to play it any further. 

This means that everyone who has downloaded the game during the Demo period can still play the game. However, a Demo is in a game version from two years ago and there is no save option. Moreover, this Demo is no longer available for download, so if you want to try the game you will have to wait a few days and purchase the upcoming Early Access version.

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What is Manor Lords?

Developed by Slavic Magic, a one-man development studio Manor Lords has captured the hearts of strategy players worldwide. The game lets players dive into a feudal world inspired by 14th-century Franconia. Taking on the responsibility of governing a small village province, it is up to you to bring it to a prosperous city.

Resource management is the key to a prosperous settlement, and to grow you will have to acquire more. Social, economic, and military decisions will have to be made to protect and gain everything your developing settlement needs. The seasons will come and pass with weather changes and cities will rise and fall in this medieval city-building game. 

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