How to play Ranked Mode in The Finals

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Are you interested in playing The Finals Ranked mode? Do you have what it takes to be among the best in the game? Stick with us and we will explain how to play Ranked Mode in the Finals.  So you can test your skill against the best in the game, and climb on the leaderboard.

The Finals offer players an exciting, chaotic and explosive experience. Although relying on aim and movement like its contemporary games, it gives players an added option of destroying almost every part of the map. Evidently, this is not a new development in FPS games, but The Finals makes it an integral part of gameplay. Further, there are three different classes in the game, all with unique specializations and gadgets. Altogether this makes for a highly skilled and competitive experience. So are you wondering how to play Ranked mode in The Finals that lets you climb the ladder and be among the best in the world? You are in the right place, so read on and find out.

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How to play The Finals Ranked Mode?

Among all game modes in The Finals, there is a Ranked Tournament Mode. Currently, this is the only Ranked mode in the game. Moreover, to partake in Ranked Tournament mode you must first unlock it. To do this, you will have to play 60 rounds of The Finals first. This might seem like a lot, but it goes faster after you unlock the regular Tournament mode in which you can play three rounds in one match. 

The Ranked Tournament System

The Ranked Tournament uses a different system compared to other game modes. It consists of two phases – the Knockout Rounds and the Final Round. In this mode, 48 players are separated into 16 teams where they battle to reach first place and be the team on top in the Final Round. Contrary to the rest of the game, this mode has a different set of rules. Finally, there are five different Rank Leagues that you can climb through on your way to becoming one of the best players in The Finals.

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