Best ways to use KS-23 in The Finals

Heavy Class Balance in The Finals

The Finals Season 2 introduced a new gun for every Build in the game, and among them is KS-23. This new gun is a great addition to Heavy Build‘s already stellar arsenal of weapons. Although the choice of specialization and gadgets will help with the playstyle you are going for, the choice of a gun will define it. Furthermore, if you feel more comfortable in close to mid-range engagements and demolition is something you like, KS-23 might be for you. Read on and we will share the best way to use KS-23 in The Finals. 

The Finals Best way to use KS-23

Unlike all other shotguns in the game, KS-23 is a slug-round weapon. This means that it fires a single shot, not a spread like other shotguns currently in The Finals. This means that KS-23 does a fixed amount of damage instead of damage multiplayer that other shotguns use. On the other hand, KS-23 has a lower damage falloff, making it more reliable at longer ranges. With all that said, you must be precise with this weapon if you want to use it to its full potential. In addition to that, KS-23 holds a magazine of 6 rounds and does a decent amount of environmental damage. 

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The Best build for KS-23 in The Finals 

  • Weapon: KS-23
  • Specialization: Goo Gun 
  • Gadgets: Anti-Gravity Cube, RPG-7, Dome Shield

KS-23 is a great weapon for close to mid-range combat and to bring down barriers like walls and ceilings. This makes the weapon particularly useful in situations related to protection or stealing the Cashout points. Along with the mentioned gadgets and specialization, it can be a real menace to deal with.  

Taking RPG-7 and Dome Shield is a must with the Heavy Build. RPG-7 gives you a much-needed long-range option and is a great choice for dealing with Light Builds and obstacles. Meanwhile, Dome Shield will give you a barrier to shield you while reviving, reloading, or stealing Cashouts. Both are great options and are very useful with this build.

Anti-Gravity Cube is a new addition to the Heavy Build and once deployed it creates a zone of reverse gravity. This can make objects and characters levitate up to 10 meters in the air. Most importantly, once deployed near the Anti-Gravity Cube, the Dome Shield will provide the cube with added protection, making it harder to be destroyed by enemies.

Taking the Goo Gun will allow you to create barriers and close off openings, which is great for protecting and stealing objectives. Use RPG-7 or KS-23 to blow up holes above or beneath the Cashout points and then use Anti-Gravity Cube to bring the Cashout to you before closing the opening with the Goo Gun. 

When defending the Cashout Point you can deploy the Anti-Gravity Cube to lift the objective in the air. This means that enemies will have to go up to the objective to steal it, making them vulnerable to solid shots from KS-23.     

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