Palworld: Fenglope Boss – Location and How to Beat

Player enters a dungeon in Palworld

Wondering where you can find and catch the Palworld boss, Fenglope? We’ve got you covered. We’ll detail this Pal’s location and the best way to catch it.

The Palpagos Islands of Palworld are home to 42 Pal bosses in total, ranging from Pals like Lunaris to the almighty Jormuntide. Defeating these Alphas will earn you Ancient Technology Points, which can be used to unlock new weapons and structures for your base. On your playthrough, one of the bosses you’ll face is Fenglope, a deer-like Pal that you can ride later on. Fortunately, this Neutral-type is much easier to best than higher-level Alphas. Of course, you’ll still need to come prepared to get the best of it. Here’s how to find and catch Fenglope in Palworld.

Where to Find Fenglope in Palworld

Fenglope's location pinpointed on the map in Palworld
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Since Palworld’s Early Access launch last week, players have been confused as to where Fenglope spawns. This is because its map symbol label doesn’t indicate the altitude of the Pal’s location, leading many to search atop the mountain pinpointed on the map above. With that being said, Fenglope does appear on the designated mountain — but only beneath its surface.

To find it, use the closest fast travel point and head to the the waterfall near the mountain. When you get there, look closely at the rushing water. You’ll notice a cave entrance behind the waterfall. Go inside and equip a torch to light the way. After a few twists and turns, you’ll soon find Fenglope.

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How to Beat Fenglope in Palworld

Fenglope spawns at Level 25 in Palworld. Once you’ve made a bit of progress in the game, you’ll definitely want to take on this boss. Just make sure both you and your team are sitting at Level 25 or higher. I’d also recommend unlocking a handgun to use, at the very least. Fenglope is fast, so you’ll need to get as many shots in as you can.

Apart from this, you’ll want to use Pals that boast an elemental advantage. Fenglope is a Neutral-type, so you should send out strong Dark-type Pals like Daedream, Killamari, or Incineram. Moves of this type will deal extra damage, allowing you to lower Fenglope’s health bar quickly. For the best capture results, use Mega Spheres.

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