How to Get Sulfur in Palworld? What Is It Used For?

Palworld image of sheep-like Pals with machine guns

Looking for this valuable crafting material? Read on to see how to get Sulfur in Palworld.

The new craze, Palworld, is all over the place. Each day it sells almost a million copies and is the talk of the town. The game had its fair share of controversies, being accused of being a Pokemon rip-off and such. But in spite of that, incredible numbers of players flock to enjoy this survival sim with cute Pals. As with most survival games, you have to gather resources and build your base. And, naturally, some fighting is expected. And to be able to use the best weapons and guns, you need some materials to make it happen. That’s where Sulfur comes into play. So let’s see how to get some Sulfur in Palworld.

How to Get Sulfur in Palworld?

Unlike other ores, Sulfur is not that easy to locate. Players report that they mostly find it in desert areas, like Twilight Dunes, and around the volcano. These areas are quite hot, so remember to bring some heat-resistant gear. You can also find some Sulfur in the more temperate Bamboo Grove.

Other players report that they found Sulfur in Dungeons, limited-time caves that appear in the overworld. These Dungeons are an awesome way to get valuable loot and maybe come across some Sulfur.

Sulfur deposits look for large chunks of yellowish rocks. Bring your best Pickaxe to mine it as fast as possible. We recommend a Metal Pickaxe.

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What Is Sulfur Used For?

Sulfur is a material that you need if you want to use guns in Palworld. You need Sulfur to craft Gunpowder, which in turn you need to make Ammo. So if you or your Pals are fully using the right to bear arms, you will need some Sulfur to maintain that.

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