How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld? What to Do With Them?

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Looking to start a farm? Read on to see how to get some Wheat Seeds in Palworld.

Palworld is the new craze in the cozy games community. It’s Early Access went live just a couple of days ago but it already sold millions of copies. You have the usual options that every survival crafting game has, like gathering resources, building structures, farming, etc. But, the main feature of this game are Pals, cute critters that you can capture, tame, provide a home for, etc. These Pals can also help you around the base, maintain your farms, or light up your furnaces. To make a farm, for example, you first need some seeds. Let’s see how to get some Wheat Seeds in Palworld.

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld?

There are three ways to obtain Wheat Seeds in Palworld. The least reliable way is to look for and open Chests around the world, as they contain random loot. If luck is on your side, some Wheat Seeds will be inside. Next, you can buy Wheat Seeds from Wandering Merchants. These vendors, unsurprisingly, move around but if you manage to find one, you can buy Wheat Seeds for 100 Gold Coins per Seed. Finally, the best way to get Wheat Seeds is to look for certain Grass Pals. These are the easiest to find:

  • Dinossom
  • Flopie
  • Bristla
  • Cinnamoth
  • Robinquill

You can find Dinossom near your starting area. Defeating them will yield one Wheat Seed. However, if you have no moral qualms, you can also butcher captured Pals, and that will yield even more Wheat Seeds. Remember that you need a Meat Cleaver, available on Level 12 Technology, to do so.

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What Are Wheat Seeds for?

Wheat Seeds are the main source of, you guessed it, Wheat. You can turn Wheat Seeds into a Wheat Plantation and have a Pal work on it to harvest some Wheat for you. Wheat, in turn, can be turned into Flour.

To craft a Wheat Plantation, first, you need to unlock it at the Level 15 Technology screen. Then, gather these materials to make one:

  • Three Wheat Seeds
  • 35 Wood
  • 35 Stone

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