How to Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld?

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Looking for this shady dealer? Look no further, as this article explains how to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

There is so much stuff to do in Palworld. Beyond exploring and crafting, there are over 100 Pals you can find, tame, and add to your Paldeck collection. But, that sounds easier than it is, and if you have trouble finding and taming some Pals, there is a solution. Black Marketeers are shady vendors, hiding around the map, that have Pals to sell. That’s right, in exchange for gold, you can buy Pals. With that in mind, let’s see how to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

How to Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Black Marketeers are scattered around the world. Thankfully, there are five of them, each in its own location. Here is a rundown of each of them.

  • Abandoned Mineshaft: This will probably be the first Black Marketeer you run into. Run west from the Desolate Church waypoint until you come across a mine. Enter, and proceed to the end, where a Black Marketeer will be, inside a cavern. His coordinates are 35, -418.
  • Duneshelter: From the Duneshelter waypoint, exit the ruined town, and along the outer wall, you can find a Black Marketeer. His specific coordinates are 345, 364.
  • PIDF Tower Entrance: On the northern part of the map there is a PDIF Tower. From that waypoint, navigate to 496, 340 coordinates, where you will find a Secret Mineshaft, and the Black Marketeer is inside.
  • Mount Obsidian: Located on the beach south of Mount Obsidian, just west of the Beach of Everlasting Summer. Continue west, past the Seabreeze Archipelago until you finally find the Marketeer at the end, on -789, -629 coordinates.
  • Fort Ruins: From the Fort Ruins waypoint head West, over the river and the broken bridge, and you can sometimes find him at -606, -234.
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What Are the Black Marketeers?

Black Marketeers are a special type of vendor in Palworld, that can buy and sell Pals. There are five of them in total, and they offer a random assortment of Pals, even exotic and illegal ones, usually with better stats than what you can find with regular vendors. If you do not want to get rid of your unwanted pals in an unsavory way, selling them is the way to go.

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