How to Get Coal and Charcoal in Palworld? Explained

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Looking to get your hands on these specific materials? This article explains how to get Coal and Charcoal in Palworld. Read on.

Palworld is the newest title for crafting survival games. Pocket Pair’s latest title, affectionately called “Pokemon-with-guns”, focuses on Pals, critters you can tame and have them help you out in your base, have them explore with you, use as mounts, and so much more. As in every survival crafting game, you must gather various resources to be able to craft stuff. Today we will take a look at two resources needed to craft guns and other stuff. Let’s read on to see how to get Coal and Charcoal in Palworld.

How to Get Coal in Palworld?

Coal is predominantly found in the Desert biome. But first, you should prepare accordingly. Craft some heat-resistant armor, like Tropical Outfit (you need some Cloth and Flame Organs for it). Next, you should get a good pickaxe, like a Metal Pickaxe (Stone, Wood, and Ingots are needed for it)

Once prepared, head on to the Desert. There you will find huge black boulders, and hitting them with the Pickaxe will yield some Coal. You use Coal to craft Refined Ingots, a material needed for a lot of items and weapons.

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How to Get Charcoal?

Charcoal is way easier to obtain. To make some charcoal you first need a Furnace. To operate a Furnace, you need a Pal with the Kindling ability, like Foxparks and Rooby. Once you have an operating Furnace, simply place some Wood in it and it will produce Charcoal. You need two units of Wood to make one Charcoal. In turn, you need five Charcoal to make one Carbon Fiber, a material used to craft guns, like Assault Rifles and Pump-Action Shotguns.

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