Are Palworld Servers Down? Palworld Server Status

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Are you unable to log into Palworld? Are Palworld servers down? Read on and find out.

Palworld is a new game by Pocket Pair, released in Early Acces just a few days ago. This crafting survival game takes a Pokemon-like approach to the genre. It focuses on Pals, cute critters that can help you around, fight for you, fight against you until captured, and a lot more. Palworld took the scene by storm, already amassing more than a million players. With the success and popularity of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Coral Island, and LEGO Fortnite, there seems to be quite a demand for cozy crafting and survival games. And with all that in mind, being unable to log in and enjoy the game is more than frustrating. This can be due to servers being down. So, let’s see are Palworld servers down, and how to check that.

Are Palworld Servers Down?

At this moment, it seems like Palword servers are suffering from overload and there are some server issues. Yesterday, January 21, there were 1.3 million players at the same time, and it caused the servers to overload. This is causing connectivity issues with co-op and servers, but the single-player mode is unaffected.

But for how long? No one can tell. The official statement is “We are currently working hard to resolve the server outages and other serious issues that are occurring for some players.“ Palworld is still in Early Access, with a limited number of servers. Pocket Pair probably haven’t expected this surge of players and are doing everything they can to fix the problem.

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How to Check Palworld Server Status?

To check the status of Palworld’s servers, there is an official status page.

Furthermore, the freshest news is on their Twitter page. Lastly, you can join Pocket Pair’s Discord server and stay up to date with everything going on.

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