Best Crops to Plant and Harvest in Coral Island

Player tending to the fields in Coral Island

Looking for a rundown of the best crops in Coral Island? You’re in the right place. Let’s go over the top picks for each season, based on growth rates and profits.

There are plenty of ways to earn success in Coral Island, but farming definitely comes out on top. From the start of your playthrough, you’ll need to make strides to expand your farm by growing and harvesting a wide variety of crops. That said, some are certainly better picks than others, producing more goods in total and helping profits. Of course, you’ll also need to mind the rank of the town, as not all seeds are available at an F rank. No matter which season you’re facing, here’s a look at some of the best crops to invest in during your Coral Island playthrough.

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Best Spring Crop in Coral Island

Sugarcane and poppies are equally profitable during the Spring in Coral Island. While other crops tend to mature faster than these varieties, the profits stack with the amount of goods you’re able to harvest from these plants. In particular, sugarcane is a great choice, as the mature plant will regrow within just one day. This allows you to maximize your harvest at the cost of one seed, which is a smart investment considering how inexpensive these crops are.

Best Summer Crop in Coral Island

Similarly, hot peppers are a top-notch pick during the Summer in Coral Island. Like sugarcane, this spicy vegetable also regrows, though within three days after the first harvest. Again, this is extremely cost-effective, as seeds are cheap and you’ll be able to continue harvesting ripe vegetables all the way through the Fall. In this way, hot peppers are a sort of double whammy, proving a reliable source of income for half an in-game year.

Best Fall Crop in Coral Island

Aside from hot peppers, pumpkins are a worthy investment during the Fall in Coral Island. Granted, these large vegetables take quite some time to fully mature, but the cost of seeds versus potential profits seals the deal. If you grow a batch of pumpkins alongside existing crops from your prior spread, you’ll have no problem outlasting the final stretch before the farm’s off-season.

It’s also worth noting that garlic will earn you a similar profit as the year winds down. While it’s not the first crop that comes to mind during the Fall, it’s worth considering if you’d like to switch things up.

Best Winter Crop in Coral Island

Winter is considered the off-season in Coral Island, meaning your options are limited when it comes to the crops you’re able to grow. That being said, snowdrops are highly profitable at this time of year, far outweighing the cost of seeds. However, they take a whopping 12 days to mature — not ideal for those looking to make a quick buck.

If you’re in need of an alternative, cotton is also a reliable crop during the Winter. They take less time to fully mature than snowdrops, but they’ll also earn you a bit less money when sold. Regardless, it’s definitely worth the cost.

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