How to Romance Millie in Coral Island – Locations, Loved Gifts, and More

Player speaks with Millie inside her house in Coral Island

Wondering how to romance Millie in Coral Island? Stick around. We’ll go over where you can find her and some of the best gifts to give her to earn relationship points.

Coral Island offers up a diverse selection of marriage candidates, which has grown with past updates for the game. Now with 28 options in total, you can forge relationships with even more characters, such as Millie, the town’s beloved librarian. At the start of your playthrough, she teaches you about the town’s ranking system and how to increase the town’s grade. But your friendship doesn’t end there — you can find Millie at hot spots all over town, allowing you to strike up a conversation when you see her. If you’re looking to take the next step with her, here’s how to romance Millie in Coral Island.

How to Romance Millie in Coral Island

Romance is pretty straightforward in Coral Island, as you’ll just need to give thoughtful gifts and remember your love interest’s birthday to earn extra points toward your relationship. Millie is no exception here. While she wasn’t always an eligible bachelorette in previous versions of the game, you can now work to increase your friendship and grow closer with Starlet Town’s dedicated librarian. Like other marriage candidates in the game, Millie has a short list of loved gifts and favorite locations, so be sure to spend time with her when you can to get to know her better.

Best Gifts for Millie in Coral Island

Between loved and liked gifts, there’s a pretty solid selection of items you can gift Millie to earn points toward your relationship. While each makes a great option at any time, you can earn extra points by gifting something exceptional on Millie’s birthday. Great gifts include the following.

LovedSugarcane, Melon, Assorted Grilled Platter, Stew, Seafood Ramen, Veggie Ramen
LikedAll universally liked gifts

Millie’s Birthday

Millie’s birthday is Winter 3, so you’ll need to play through Coral island for a while before you can gift her an awesome present on her big day. On the bright side, this lends you quite some time to earn points toward your relationship along the way. Not to mention, you can easily collect some of her favorite gifts in the meantime to make a lasting impression on her birthday later on.

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Where to Find Millie in Coral Island

Millie can usually be found at the Community Center in Coral Island. Inside the building, you’ll find the town’s library, where she works regularly. This is also where several of you heart events with her will take place as you continue to earn points toward your relationship.

Aside from this location, she’s often hanging out at her home, where she lives with Yuri and her daughter. It’s just a short walk from the center of town, so you won’t have trouble finding it. The Beach Shack is also one of her favorite spots to frequent, and she’s often seen reading inside or on the beach. Be sure to strike up a conversation when you meet with her to get to know her.

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