Coral Island: How to Get a Golden Egg and What Is it for?

Player stands outside chicken coop in Coral Island

Trying to figure out how to get a golden egg in Coral Island? Stick around. We’ll cover each step you need to take to obtain this rare item, as well as details about its purpose.

As you work to expand your farm in Coral Island, you’ll need to go the extra mile to take exceptional care of your animals. This is made worlds easier with the introduction of new automatic items, such as the auto petter and temperature machine. Of course, putting in hard work to tend to the animals in your care will also yield great results, sometimes leading you to find rare products like the golden egg. While it’s not entirely necessary to obtain high-quality materials like this, there’s no better measure of a chicken’s care. Here’s how to score one of these are drops and what they’re used for in Coral Island.

How to Get a Golden Egg in Coral Island

In the grand scheme of things, getting your hands on some golden eggs in Coral Island is actually rather simple. These high-quality byproducts can be picked up from any well-fed adult chicken that has a won a Staring Contest. You can enter and win at the next Animal Festival, which is held on Summer 12 each year. With diligent feeding, you’ll score a golden egg in no time. I recommend putting out an auto feeder to stay on the ball.

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What is the Golden Egg Used for in Coral Island?

Just like other egg products, you can use golden eggs as ingredients in recipes in Coral Island. Generally, the quality of the products you use in a dish doesn’t matter all the much. However, higher quality ingredients can help to produce a better result in the end, so it’s always a good idea to use exceptional goods when you can.

For the most part, eggs are used in recipes for baked goods, such as chocolate chip cookies. Aside from this, golden eggs in particular can be used to produce twice the amount of mayonnaise than standard eggs would. Because of this, these top-tier ingredients are a great choice if you’re looking to whip up a batch of this versatile condiment.

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